Letter H Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Of The Letter H

Teach your kids how to write the letter H with our letter H coloring pages. These letter H coloring pages will keep children engaged and entertained while sharpening their gross motor skills, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.

Free Letter H Coloring Pages

Download our free letter H coloring pages below:

Letter H For Hat Coloring Page:

letter H coloring page 2

Letter H For House Coloring Page:

letter H coloring page 3

Letter H For Hen Coloring Page:

letter H coloring page 1

Letter H For Hot Dog Coloring Page:

letter H coloring page 4

Letter H Activities for Kids

In addition to introducing your kids to letter H coloring pages, you could also try the following activities.

  • Heart Puzzle: Now that you’ve taught your kids that the word “heart” begins with H (refer to the letter H coloring pages above!), make a cute heart puzzle for them to solve! For this, just draw a heart using construction paper and then cut it into various sections. Kids need to piece them together.
  • Hop on a Trail: Another word that begins with H is “hop”! Hop in front of your child many times until they themselves can say the word out loud. Next, have them hop on a trail at home while saying H repetitively.
  • Crafty Hats: Since we’ve introduced your kid to the word “hat” in our coloring pages for letter H, why not make some cute hats with paper? You could even decorate them with sequins and glitter to make it look as attractive as possible.
  • Hand Tracing: After working on those letter H coloring pages for toddlers, you could introduce the word “hand” to your child. After all, that word begins with the letter H! Then, trace your child’s hands on paper and cut it out. You could then write their name on it.

We hope your kids find our letter H coloring pages useful! Rest assured, your child will gradually learn to form the letters of the alphabet all on their own. Check the rest of our website for more literacy games for kids.