Letter D Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Of The Letter D

Have you noticed how kids feel a sense of calm when they color? Now more than ever, our thoughts are all over the place because of the pandemic. Kids too are facing too many emotions and they might find it hard to get a handle on them. When children sit down to color, they’re finding a healthy way to destress.

Our letter D coloring pages could help your child channel their stress in a creative way. With these letter D coloring pages, learning becomes fun!

Free Printable Letter D Coloring Pages

Letter D for Duck Coloring Page:

Letter D Coloring Pages 4

Letter D for Dog Coloring Page:

Letter D Coloring Pages 1

Letter D for Drum Coloring Page:

Letter D Coloring Pages 3

Letter D for Dolphin Coloring Page:

Letter D Coloring Pages 2

Alternatives to Letter D Coloring Pages

Your kid is probably not feeling too excited about those letter D coloring pages for toddlers. How about trying some other activities instead?

  • Playdough Shaping: Like the name of the activity suggests, all your kid has to do is shape playdough to form letters. You could first write the letter with a pencil and have your child merely trace the outline with playdough!
  • Food design: You’ve got pizza delivered to your place? You could use pizza toppings to shape letters of the alphabet! Similarly, you could take a plate and pour some salt or pepper in the shape of the letter D. This could be a nice alternative to our free printable letter D coloring pages.
  • Vocabulary Words: This might work better for older kids. All you have to do is make kids sit in a circle. Then, hold up your letter on a flashcard and have each kid say a word beginning with that letter. The words must all be different! You could even have them memorize what the other person has said.

We recommend reading to your little one whenever you can and having them read along with you. They might not pronounce every word right but they’d at least get some practice! Reading will greatly improve their letter recognition skills. Make sure to read in an animated manner so that it’s not only appealing to them but they’re also able to understand the meaning of every word.