Kindness Poems For Kids

Teach Your Children The Importance Of Being Kind With These Kindness Poems For Kids

Kindness is the quality of being considerate, friendly, caring, helpful, generous and showing concern without expecting anything in return. Being kind is an important quality that all people should practice. Poems for kids are a great way to teach children about kindness and its importance. Use these 8 amazing kindness poems for kids to help your kids learn to be kind, caring and considerate. 

8 Kindness Poems For Kids

We’ve compiled a list of 8 wonderful kindness poems for kids to teach them about this virtue.

List Of Kindness Poems For Kids

Here is a list of kindness poems for kids that will help them understand the value of being kind to others.

  1. Kind Hearts
  2. By Anonymous

    Kind hearts are the gardens,

    Kind thoughts are the roots,

    Kind words are the blossoms,

    Kind deeds are the fruits;

    Love is the sweet sunshine

    That warms into life,

    For only in darkness

    Grow hatred and strife.

  3. Deeds of Kindness
  4. By Epes Sargent

    Suppose the little Cowslip

    Should hang its golden cup

    And say, “I’m such a little flower

    I’d better not grow up!”

    How many a weary traveller

    Would miss its fragrant smell,

    How many a little child would grieve

    To lose it from the dell!

    Suppose the glistening Dewdrop

    Upon the grass should say,

    “What can a little dewdrop do?

    I’d better roll away!”

    The blade on which it rested,

    Before the day was done,

    Without a drop to moisten it,

    Would wither in the sun.

    Suppose the little Breezes,

    Upon a summer’s day,

    Should think themselves too small to cool

    The traveller on his way:

    Who would not miss the smallest

    And softest ones that blow,

    And think they made a great mistake

    If they were acting so?

    How many deed of kindness

    A little child can do,

    Although it has but little strength

    And little wisdom too!

    It wants a loving spirit

    Much more than strength, to prove

    How many things a child may do

    For others by its love.

  5. Kindness
  6. By Sylvia Plath

    Kindness glides about my house.

    Dame Kindness, she is so nice!

    The blue and red jewels of her rings smoke

    In the windows, the mirrors

    Are filling with smiles.

    What is so real as the cry of a child?

    A rabbit’s cry may be wilder

    But it has no soul.

    Sugar can cure everything, so Kindness says.

    Sugar is a necessary fluid,

    Its crystals a little poultice.

    O kindness, kindness

    Sweetly picking up pieces!

    My Japanese silks, desperate butterflies,

    May be pinned any minute, anesthetized.

    And here you come, with a cup of tea

    Wreathed in steam.

    The blood jet is poetry,

    There is no stopping it.

    You hand me two children, two roses.

  7. A Simple Act Of Kindness
  8. By David Harris

    A simple act of kindness

    can stop a million tears.

    A little hug

    can give so much joy.

    A letter now and then to someone

    can save so many wasted years.

    We should hold every moment precious

    and help as many as we can

    with a simple act of kindness

    every now and then.

    The world would be a better place

    if we all cared a little more.

    Imagine how many smiling faces

    would greet us at the door

    if we extended that helping hand

    with a simple act of kindness

    that could spread across many lands.

  9. Kindness Is A Currency
  10. By Kevin Patrick

    Kindness is a currency

    That is always more worthy

    Then all the weight of gold

    In all the world combined

    Kindness does not depreciate

    It grows with gains in interest

    And it especially appreciates

    To those who need it most

    Kindness can make a poor man rich

    And a rich man poor

    In simple acts of compassion

    Are not in his souls pours

    There is no greater wealth then kindness

    Where humanities futures fortunes are sowed

  11. Little Things
  12. By Julia Fletcher Carney

    Little drops of water,

    Little grains of sand,

    Make the mighty ocean

    And the pleasant land.

    Thus the little minutes,

    Humble though they be,

    Make the mighty ages

    Of eternity.

    So our little errors

    Lead the soul away

    From the path of virtue

    Far in sin to stray.

    Little deeds of kindness,

    Little words of love,

    Help to make earth happy

    Like the heaven above.

  13. Try a Little Kindness
  14. By Barbara R Maxwell

    In this rough world

    Try a little kindness

    Instead of being harsh

    Try a little kindness

    Instead of complaining

    Try a little kindness

    Instead of a frown

    Try a smile

    Try a little kindness

    Instead of unhappiness

    Be happy

    Try a little kindness

    Instead of darkness and pain

    Walk towards the light

    Try a little kindness

    Instead of clouds and rain

    See the sun

    Try a little kindness.

  15. Kind Words
  16. By Daniel Clement Colesworthy

    A little word in kindness spoken,

    A motion or a tear,

    Has often healed the heart that’s broken,

    And made a friend sincere.

    A word a look has crushed to earth

    Full many a budding flower,

    Which, had a smile but owned its birth,

    Would bless life’s darkest hour.

    Then deem it not an idle thing,

    A pleasant word to speak;

    The face you wear, the thoughts you bring,

    A heart may heal or break.

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