Homes of Animals 

Where do animals live? All the animals on the Earth have a specific place where they live and adapt themselves to the different weather conditions. Have your children seen homes of animals? If not, you must teach them about the different types of homes where these animals live. Kids must learn about the types of animal houses to upgrade their knowledge about animal habitats for better learning outcomes. Apart from teaching kids the names of animal homes or practicing worksheets to learn the names of animals, you can encourage them to practice the animal coloring pages to enhance their creative skills. 

Different Types of Homes for Animals 

All the animals need homes to protect themselves from adverse climatic conditions and predators. For example, a monkey lives on a tree, a spider on its webs, a dog in a kennel, a rat in a hole, a duck in a pond, a cow in a shed, etc. It is needless to say that animal homes are places where they can take care of their young ones until they become mature enough to find their own house. You can teach kids the names of animal houses in a creative way. It is better that you conduct interactive activities for kids at home so that they will enjoy their learning process while having fun. 

List of Animals and their Homes for Kids 

Below is a list of names of houses where animals live. 

Animal Names Homes of Animals 
Duck Pond 
Ant Anthill 
Dog Kennel 
Cow Shed 
Monkey Tree 
Bird Nest 
Horse Stable 
Rat Hole 
Honey beeBeehive 
Spider Web 
Hen Coop 
Tiger Den 
Lion Den 
Bear Cave 
Rabbit Burrow 
Elephant Forest 
Fish Water 
Camel Desert 
Pig Sty 
Cattle Barn 
Crocodile Swamp
Penguin Burrows 
Snake Hole 
Snail Shell 
Beetle Tunnel 

Free Printable Animal Homes for Kids 

Every living thing in this world needs shelter to live. In the same way, animals need homes to feed their offspring and protect them from external threats or dangers. Though little ones know about the animals and their physical appearance, they might not be familiar with their habitats. Therefore, you can teach kids the names of animal houses so that they will recognize and remember their homes easily. It will be easier for kids to answer the questions related to animal habitats when someone asks where do animals live. You can download a printable of animals and their homes to help kids learn why they live in these habitats. This will help them enhance their knowledge for higher studies as well. A printable list of animal homes for kids is given below. 

Check list of animal homes

Download Free Homes of Animals PDF

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Easy Activities to Learn the Names of Animal Homes for Kids

Some engaging activities for kids to learn about different types of animal houses are mentioned below. 

  • Identify the animal homes: In this activity, you must provide a worksheet with images of animal houses to kids. They must identify the homes of animals by looking at the images. You can assess their performance based on the number of correct answers. This task will help kids to recall and memorize the different types of houses where animals live.  
  • Match the animal homes: In this activity, kids must match the animals with their homes on the worksheet, for example, a dog living in a kennel, a bird in a nest, a lion in a den, etc. This activity will help kids to learn about different types of animal homes. 
  • Show animal homes: In this activity, you must take kids to show houses of animals in your neighborhood or the zoo. You can show where an ant, a sheep, a pig, a cat and a dog live. This will help kids to practically observe the habitats of animals and retain the names of animal homes in their memory for a longer time. 

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Benefits of Learning Names of Animal Houses for Kids

The benefits of learning the names of animal homes for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It improves children’s vocabulary knowledge of animal houses for better learning experiences. 
  • It helps children identify and memorize the names of animal homes easily. 
  • It helps children understand how animals live and protect their young ones. 
  • It keeps children closer to nature and the environment by learning about various animal habitats. 
  • It enhances the learning experience of children. 

We hope this article on homes of animals helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, words for kids, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Homes of Animals

What are some common names of animal homes?

Some common names of animal homes for kids are; a tree, a den, a cave, a web, a hive, a hole, a kennel, a pond, a nest, etc.

What are the benefits of learning the names of animal homes?

The benefits of learning the names of animal houses are that it helps kids understand and know about the places where different animals live. Besides this, it will improve their vocabulary knowledge for better learning outcomes.