5 Simple Habits for Teaching Math to Kids

Let’s face it. Math isn’t easy to like.

So, naturally, it’s no surprise that your child isn’t a big fan of the subject. However, learning math is important. And in just 5 simple ways, your child can develop some healthy math habits. Here’s how.

Simple Habits for Teaching Math to Kids

  • Set aside 1 hour each day to practice math: Learning math requires practicing problem solving. In order to practice this, you need to make it a habit for your child. An hour a day of problem solving can greatly improve math skills.
  • To prevent things from getting monotonous, you could practice different branches of math per week, or once every few days. For example, some days you could practice geometry, and some days you could practice math facts/properties, and so on.

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  • Add some challenges: Ensure your kids don’t become complacent. If they’re getting good at a concept, make it more challenging. Have a contest once in a while. It works as an effective motivator to get your kids to excel in math. Explore, Math Problems for kids.
  • Work on logic and abstract concepts: Your child thinks logically when they’re given the freedom to make decisions, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. Encourage them to experiment and explore on their own. 
  • Introduce them to puzzles for kids, word games, and Osmo’s hands-on math activities to enhance their logical and abstract thinking.

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  • Develop perspective by working in groups: Beyond developing perspectives, working in groups also makes math a lot more fun. You can play math games that require kids to learn in groups.
  • Revise what you learned: Ask your child to take some time each day to revise what they learned the previous day. Even if you’re confident about their progress, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick recall.

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