Funny Poems For Kids

10 Funny And Silly Poems For Children To Get Your Kids Giggling 

Poetry or poems are a kind of literature or artistic writing, which evoke a reader’s imagination and stir their emotions. This is done through a play of words, by choosing and arranging language carefully for it’s meaning, rhythm and sound. Help your little ones learn to love poetry by introducing them to simple poems for kids like funny poems for kids. These funny poems will get them giggling and help them learn some basic skills too.

10 Funny Poems For Kids

We’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing funny poems for kids to tickle their funny bones.

Funny Poems For Kids On Animals

  1. Eletelephony
  2. By Laura Elizabeth Richards

    Once there was an elephant,

    Who tried to use the telephant—

    No! No! I mean an elephone

    Who tried to use the telephone—

    (Dear me! I am not certain quite

    That even now I’ve got it right.)

    Howe’er it was, he got his trunk

    Entangled in the telephunk;

    The more he tried to get it free,

    The louder buzzed the telephee—

    (I fear I’d better drop the song

    Of elephop and telephong!)

  3. Tom Tigercat
  4. By J. Patrick Lewis

    Tom Tigercat is noted

    for his manners and his wit.

    He wouldn’t think of lion,

    No, he doesn’t cheetah bit.

    Tom never pretended

    to be something that he’s not.

    I guess that’s why we like him

    and why he likes ocelot.

  5. The Worm That Wouldn’t Wiggle
  6. By Steve Attewell

    Although I am a worm,

    I never used to wiggle,

    cos when my tummy rubbed the floor,

    It always made me giggle.

    I couldn’t make it half a yard,

    before I had to stop,

    cos I was laughing very hard,

    exhausted I would flop.

    I’d lay down on the comfy grass,

    beneath a shady flower,

    and recover from my giggle fit,

    It took me half an hour.

    My mum was quite unhappy,

    my friends they used to mock,

    until I had a jumper made,

    well okay, more a sock.

    Now when I wear my wiggle-sock,

    and slide about the floor,

    I do not get a tickle,

    on my tummy anymore.

    I can wiggle to the shops and back,

    my friends no longer scoff,

    and when I want to giggle,

    I just take my jumper off!

  7. Twinkle Twinkle
  8. By Lewis Carroll

    Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!

    How I wonder what you’re at!

    Up above the world you fly

    Like a tea-tray in the sky.

    Funny Poems For Kids On People

  9. Herbert Hilbert Hubert Snod
  10. By Denise Rodgers

    Herbert Hilbert Hubert Snod

    was known for eating all things odd.

    The thing that bothered me the most

    has he spread toothpaste on his toast?

    “It’s springtime fresh, so cool and minty.”

    His smiling eyes were bright and squinty.

    On baked potatoes, he would slather

    one half can of shave cream lather.

    I don’t know how his tum could cope

    as he ingested cubes of soap.

    At times his food choice made a scene;

    at least he kept his innards clean.

  11. Little Boy Blue
  12. By Darren Sardelli

    Little Boy Blue, please cover your nose.

    You sneezed on Miss Muffet and ruined her clothes.

    You sprayed Mother Hubbard, and now she is sick.

    You put out the fire on Jack’s candlestick.

    Your sneeze is the reason why Humpty fell down.

    You drenched Yankee Doodle when he came to town.

    The blind mice are angry! The sheep are upset!

    From now on, use a tissue so no one gets wet!

  13. Jack
  14. By Jane Yolen

    Jack was quite nimble,

    Jack was quite quick,

    Jack gave the beanstalk

    A mighty big kick.

    Down came the giant—

    GIGANTIC fall—

    Bottoms up in a crater,

    Thus ending it all.

    Funny Poems For Kids On Things

  15. Snowball
  16. By Shel Silverstein

    I made myself a snowball

    As perfect as could be.

    I thought I’d keep it as a pet

    And let it sleep with me.

    I made it some pajamas

    And a pillow for its head.

    Then last night it ran away,

    But first, it wet the bed.

  17. How Not To Have To Dry The Dishes
  18. By Shel Silverstein

    If you have to dry the dishes

    (Such an awful, boring chore)

    If you have to dry the dishes

    (‘Stead of going to the store)

    If you have to dry the dishes

    And you drop one on the floor—

    Maybe they won’t let you

    Dry the dishes anymore.

  19. Now We Are Six
  20. By A. A Milne

    When I was One,

    I had just begun.

    When I was Two,

    I was nearly new.

    When I was Three

    I was hardly me.

    When I was Four,

    I was not much more.

    When I was Five,

    I was just alive.

    But now I am Six,

    I’m as clever as clever,

    So I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever.

Benefits Of Teaching Funny Poems For Kids:

There are several benefits of teaching funny poems for kids. And poetry isn’t really scary because kids already know nursery rhymes and songs. Here are some ways that funny poems are beneficial for kids:

  1. Literacy: The rhyme, sound and rhythm of poems and rhymes helps in building early literacy skills in little children. Nursery rhymes and songs are one of the first things that children hear. These poems and songs help them learn new words and how to pronounce the words.
  2. Better reading skills: Kids learn the different sounds of the letters and also learn to pronounce words correctly from reading poems. This helps build good reading skills. Additionally, poems are short, sweet and funny, so it encourages reluctant kids to read too.
  3. Play on words: Poems and rhymes are artistic works, written in a way to evoke the readers’ imagination and stir their emotions. The poet uses a play on words to achieve this. Reading poems helps kids understand this and also develops their language skills.
  4. A medium to share thoughts: Poetry is also a medium to share thoughts, feelings and emotions. Stir your child’s creativity and imagination by encouraging them to write poems. 
  5. Humor: Funny poems for kids are a great way to introduce kids to poetry. Additionally, it also tickles their funny bone and keeps them giggling as they read. 

We hope you and your child loved these funny poems for kids. Osmo has a wide variety of learning materials that make teaching and learning fun and easy for kids. Check out our kids learning section to know more.