Feelings Chart For Kids

Every individual has feelings and emotions for things and people around them. Therefore, you need to teach your child how to express their feelings and emotions in an effective way. It is really important to make them aware that someone is there all the time to understand their feelings. These charts for kids are extremely helpful in expressing feelings with others. 

You can provide a feelings chart for kids where they can identify and label their emotions on a daily or weekly basis. For that, you can download a free printable feelings chart for kids available online. 

In This Article, Explore Feelings Chart For Kids

Kids are very vulnerable and you should make sure that they are fine with the things happening in their day to day life. With the help of a feelings chart for kids, they will understand and communicate appropriately with others about their emotions. Most importantly, they will become mentally and physically strong. 

Free Printable Feelings Chart For Kids

To enhance their understanding of feelings and emotions from a young age, you can explore different types of feelings charts for kids. These charts will help them to identify various emotions based on situations and circumstances. To engage them, you can use these printable feelings charts for kids mentioned below: 

Identify your emotions from the given feelings chart

Feelings Chart For Kids

Mark and write the reason for how you are feeling today 

Feelings Chart For Kids

Write about how do you feel on a daily basis from the given feelings chart

Feelings Chart For Kids

Download Free PDF of Feelings Chart For Kids

List Of Feelings For Kids:

Here is a list of feelings and emotions given below:

Happy Sad
Surprised Angry
Guilty Stressed
Jealous Embarrassed 
Loving Courageous 
Respect Joyful 
Sleepy Helpless
Worried Grief 
Amazed Astonished 
inquisitive Hopeful
Rejected Grumpy 
Tired Quiet

Tips To Use Feelings Chart For Kids

A few tips to use free printable feelings chart for kids are mentioned below:

  • Make it simple and understandable for kids: Kids are very young to understand certain formats and information. Therefore, you need to make it really simple for kids to understand what they are doing. Make a feelings chart for kids in such a way that they can relate to the emotions mentioned on it. Most importantly, they should know the meaning of the emotions that they are feeling. 
  • Make it accessible for kids: Download or make a feelings chart for kids in a creative way. Make sure that the chart is accessible for the kids at home. You can either paste it on the wall of their study room or somewhere they can easily access them. They should be able to reach out to the chart to identify and mark their feelings on a daily basis. 
  • Assist them in identifying their feelings: If your child finds it difficult to identify or understand what they are feeling, you can help them to understand in a fun and entertaining way. Show them a chart and ask if they are feeling angry, confused, irritated, etc. With this, kids might understand what their feelings are. 
  • Incorporate more positive feelings: More than negative feelings, it is important to highlight the positive feelings among children. Do not only ask why they are angry or irritated but focus more on their positive feelings. 

Benefits of Feelings Chart For Kids

Feelings chart for kids will enable them to label their feelings on the chart. Kids of any age group can use this chart to identify their emotions. Unlike adults, kids cannot understand complex emotions. Therefore, it is important for them to identify the difference between positive and negative feelings. If they are successful in doing so, they will be able to express their feelings more effectively with others. Some of the benefits of feelings chart for kids are mentioned below:

  • Enables children to show empathy towards others. 
  • Develops problem solving skills and critical thinking abilities.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem among children.
  • Develops good mental and physical health.
  • Reduces frustration and removes negative thoughts from their mind.
  • Enables children to communicate and express their feelings with others more effectively.
  • Increases understanding of situations and circumstances around them. 
  • Reduces anxiety and confusion on things that are difficult for them to handle.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Feelings Chart For Kids

What is a feelings chart for kids?

A feelings chart for kids is a great way to identify and label the feelings and emotions in a fun way. With this, kids will be able to understand what they feel on a daily or weekly basis.

What are the benefits of a feelings chart for kids?

The benefits of a feelings chart for kids is that it helps them to think and behave positively with others. Most importantly, it helps in inculcating positive feelings among children to become a responsible and good person. Besides this, they will try to change the negative feelings to positive ones.

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