Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

Fathers play a very important role in the life of their children. Like moms, dads also play a great part in the child’s physical and emotional well-being. They provide a sense of security and help us grow and become stronger emotionally and physically. They do so much for us and ask for nothing in return. So, this Father’s Day let’s honour and celebrate these superheroes in our lives. In this regard, father’s day crafts for kids would be the best option. You can explore Father’s day crafts ideas for kids to help them in creating something innovative and creative. 

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Fathers are very easy to please, even the smallest of things from their children makes them proud. This Father’s day let’s pamper these superheroes with some handmade gifts. Apart from Mother’s day crafts for kids, there are  5 adorable Father’s Day crafts for kids that are the perfect gift to brighten up your dad’s day. Crafts for Father’s day for kids will enable them to gift their fathers on this special day. 

Easy Father’s Day Craft Activities For Kids 

People love to receive handmade gifts and keepsakes. Especially when these gifts are made by kids with their adorable little hands. Crafting is a great way to help your child learn teamwork, social skills and communication. Along with kids learning, it also helps in boosting their creativity and imagination. 

These Father’s Day crafts for kids are easy and cheap. All they need are some inexpensive crafting supplies, a bit of imagination and lots of love. But rest assured, your dad will be pleased as punch with these handmade gifts.

List Of Father’s Day Crafts For Kids 

  • A finger-painted card for dad : Thinking about crafts for Father’s Day for kids? Well,  A handmade Father’s Day card is a simple yet loving gift for your dad. This is one of the easiest Father’s Day crafts for kids, even preschoolers can do it. Let’s get started on making dad proud of our artistic ability. 
  • What you’ll need: Card paper, Finger Paints, Blue painter’s tape, Scissors


    Lay the card paper on a flat surface covered in some old newspapers.

    Cut the blue painter’s tape and spell out the word DAD in large block letters. 

    Allow the child to finger paint all over the card paper. Once finished, set it aside to dry.

    Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and your special handcrafted Father’s Day card is ready. 

  • Personalized pen stand – One of the easy father’s day crafts for kids: This is an easy Father’s Day craft for kids to make and the end result is adorably cute. Make dad a super cute pen stand to organize all his pens and pencils. And anyone can do this, all you need are some basic drawing skills.
  • What you’ll need: A glass tumbler, Markers, Glass paint, Glass paint outline tube (black), Paintbrushes, Small heart template, or any design template of your choice


    Wipe the glass tumbler with a soft cloth to remove any dust on the glass.

    Place the heart template on the surface of the tumbler. Use the marker and draw a heart-shaped outline on the glass. You can use any design template of your choice to draw the outline.

    Trace the marked heart outline using the black glass paint outline tube. Set aside and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.

    Once it’s dry, use glass paints to paint inside the outline. Set aside and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.

    Once the paint is dry, you can personalize this glass pen stand for your dad with a message. You can trace the word DAD inside the painted heart or write any other message of your choice. Set it aside and allow it to dry completely before you gift it to your dad on Father’s Day.

  • Painted rock paperweights: This is a very cute and inexpensive Father’s Day craft idea for kids. Moreover, it’s super easy and inexpensive, but your dad will proudly display it on his desk. All it needs is a little bit of foraging and painting skills and you have the perfect Father’s Day gift. Let’s help dad keep the desk tidy with these cute hand painted rock paperweights. These crafts for kids for Father’s Day will give extreme happiness to your dad. 
  • What you’ll need: Smooth, round stones, Paints, Paintbrushes


    You’ll need some smooth, round stones for this Father’s Day craft, so gather a few stones from the yard. Wash the stones and set them in a sunny place to dry.

    Once the stones are dry, paint on them. Set them aside and allow the paint to dry completely.

    You can even embellish them with letters or add a personalized message for dad and your gift for dad is ready.

  • Handmade cut-out photo frame – DIY father’s day crafts for kids: This is a really cool Father’s Day craft for kids. Your dad will proudly display a handmade cut-out photo frame with pictures of you and your dad on his desk. This craft for Father’s Day is a great way to store your favorite memories with your dad.
  • What you’ll need: Card Stock, Craft paper, Pencil, Scissors, Your favorite pictures of you and your dad, Craft knife, Paper clips, Tape


    Write the word “DAD” in large block letters on the craft paper and cut the letters using a craft knife. Ensure the letters are touching each other. This is your template.

    Place the template on the card stock and trace the letters using a pencil. Use a craft knife to cut out the letters. 

    Now cut out the middle parts of each letter on the card stock using the craft knife.

    Trim each of the photos to fit in the openings. 

    Cut small strips of the tape and stick the pictures behind the frame using the small strips of tape.

    Bend open three paper clips. Stick the small end of the paper clips on the backs of each of the pictures in a straight line. Ensure that the paper clips are taped to the very bottom of the frame.

    Turn the frame to the front and stand it up on the paper clips.

  • Chocolate dipped pretzels: Are you still confused about what to give your dad on Father’s Day? How about giving your superhero some homemade edible treats? Here is a great idea for Father’s Day crafts for kids to make and gifts to dad. Everyone from little kids to adults loves chocolate. A jar of homemade chocolate-dipped pretzels is a perfect gift for dad for Father’s Day. Let’s show dad our Masterchef skills with this great gift.
  • What you’ll need: Baking tray, Silicone mat or parchment paper, Semi-sweet chocolate chips, White chocolate chips, 2 medium-sized glass bowls, a bag of mini pretzels, divided, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, Rainbow sprinkles, Glass jar and Colorful ribbons and tags


    Line your baking tray with the silicone mat or parchment paper. 

    Place the semi-sweet chocolate chips in a medium glass bowl. Heat it in 30-second intervals in the microwave until the chocolate is melted. Stir in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

    Repeat with the white chocolate chips in another glass bowl. Once it is melted, stir in one tablespoon of coconut oil.

    Place both the bowls on a flat surface lined with old newspapers. 

    Use a fork and dip each pretzel in the melted chocolate. Place the coated pretzels on the lined baking tray.

    Decorate with the rainbow sprinkles. Refrigerate until the chocolate is firm. 

    Pack the pretzels into glass jars and decorate them with colorful ribbons and tags and gift it to your dad.

    These 5 fathers day crafts for kids are easy and fun to make. Trust us, your dad will be pleased as punch when he receives these lovely, handmade gifts from you.

  • Paper Cup: How would your dad feel receiving the best dad trophy? Isn’t that a great feeling. So, you can make use of this opportunity to give your dad something made by you. Along with this, you can also make craft Father’s day cards for kids. 
  • What you’ll need: Paper, Color pens, marker, etc


    Make a shape of a trophy on the paper. 

    Cut it within the defined lines. 

    Color it using watercolors or paints. 

    Write Best Dad on the paper trophy. 

  • Painting: What can be a more effective craft for Father’s day other than a painting? It doesn’t mean that you have to buy from the shop. Why not create something with your own hands? This will bring happiness to your father and at the same time you will learn creativity. Like this, there are many Father’s day crafts ideas for kids to make. 
  • What you’ll need: Cardboard, Shiny color papers, Color pencil or crayons, Glue, Pencils, etc.


    Take cardboard and cut it in the shape of a square. 

    Then, take a shiny color paper and paste in four corners of the cardboard. 

    In the middle, stick a A4 size sheet of paper and paint something which you think is the best painting for your father.  

    Give some attractive appearance to your painting by using shiny and glittery colors. 

Tips For Father’s Day Craft Activities For Kids

Some of the tips for Father’s day craft for kids are mentioned below:

  • Think about some easy and simple crafts for Father’s day. 
  • Use sustainable and reusable materials for crafts. 
  • Use attractive colors and designs for crafts.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

What are some of the Father’s Day Crafts For Kids?

Some of the Father’s Day Crafts For Kids are finger painted cards for dad, personalized pen stand, painted paperweights, handmade cut out photo frame, chocolate dipped pretzels, paper cup, painting for father’s day, etc.

How are Father’s Day Crafts For Kids beneficial?

The Father’s Day Crafts For Kids teach them all about the good values that they have to follow in their entire lives. Also, these crafts help children to develop gross and fine motor skills as well as creativity.