Family Poems For Kids

Family is a group of people living together and sharing strong bonds and everlasting memories. It includes parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. They build strong relationships with each other by spending time together with love and affection. Kids are very close to their parents and other family members. Help your little ones understand the concept of family with poems for kids like family poems for kids. This will help them learn to love and appreciate the people around them. Check out some fun family poems for kids here. 

List Of Family Poems For Kids

Best Family Poems For Kids

Here are a few beautiful family poems for kids to help your little ones understand different relationships.

  1. Family
  2. By Glenda Campbell

    There’s a special kind of closeness

    that only families know,

    That begins with childhood trust

    and deepens as you grow.

    There’s a special kind of happiness 

    in sharing little things,

    The laughter, smiles and quiet talks

    that daily living brings.

    There’s a special kind of comfort

    in knowing your family’s there,

    To back you up, to cheer you up

    to understand and care.

    Of all the treasure life may bring,

    your family means the most,

    And whether near or far apart

    that love will hold you close. 

  3. To My Family With Love
  4. By Anna C. Butler

    The love of this family can show the work of God,

    To prevail over our weakest of moments

    To lend a hand or a broken heart.

    To cry or laugh with one another shall always be

    Embraced with open arms and a smiling face.

    Times are tough, but alone you will never be

    To have the love of this family

    It’s as easy as One, Two, Three. 

    The joy of a birth, to watch a little life grow

    Are memories to cherish that we will never let go.

    The pain of a death, the emptiness filled inside

    The family is all here, no need to hide.

    Over the years our surroundings have changed

    Now God has blessed us with little James.

    May our daughter grow into little women,

    They better all remember my sweet baby lemon.

    To be so lucky to have a family like this, 

    When we all get to heaven, God deserves a big kiss. 

    In our souls, minds, and hearts

    May this family never be torn apart

    The love of this family has shown me the work of God,

    To realize this gift for the world to see, how much my family cares for me.

    May our love grow and carry on even long after we are all gone

    Thank you to my family for the love that you all show

    Every good deed God will surely know.

  5. Families Can Be
  6. By Catherine Pulsifer

    Families can be big or small

    The people can be short or tall

    They can be full of girls and boys

    They can be quiet or full of noise. 

    Families play a part of life

    Even when there is some strife.

    But families can be full of love

    They are truly from God above.

    Appreciate your family each day

    Don’t wait until they are old and grey.

    Be sure to say I love you

    As families are with you through and through. 

  7. Uncle and Aunts
  8. By Kelly Roper

    Uncles and aunts 

    Are often like second parents

    They love you from little further away,

    But they step in when the need warrants.

    Aunts and uncles

    Are there when you need them, like

    When you can’t go to mom and dad 

    Because you’re worried you’ll displease them.

    Uncle and aunts

    Sometimes they teach you cool things,

    Like how to catch a fish

    Or crochet something.

    Aunts and uncles 

    Can be quite funny, though

    Sometimes they will share stories

    Your parents never wanted you to know.

    Yes uncle and aunts 

    Make family life richer.

    So tell them how glad you are

    That they are in your family picture. 

  9. From Dad
  10. By Richard Burge

    I never thought I could love someone

    The way that I love you

    I completely fascinated

    With everything you do. 

    I don’t regret a moment with you

    Whether good or bad 

    You have made my life complete,

    The best life a boy could have.

    You might not ever notice

    Everything I do,

    But everything I’m doing 

    Is for no one else but you. 

    My goal in life is simple

    It’s to be your father first.

    To protect, defend and love you

    When you are at your worst.

    I know when you grow older

    You won’t want me anymore.

    If you ever need me, though 

    I’ll be waiting at the door. 

    Promise you will come to me

    With any problem that you have.

    I’ll always be right here for you.

    I love you both! Love, Dad.

  11. Sisters and Brothers
  12. By Marie Tully

    If I had a brother I’d like him to be

    Happy, good looking, cheerful and free.

    If I had a sister I’d like her to say

    She’d be my best sister day after day.

    If my brother was older I’d like him to be

    Protective like king Arthur and always mind me.

    If my sister was older I’d like her to be

    A shoulder to cry on, a true friend to me.

    Now if my brother was younger and I was the boss

    I’d let him keep worms and bright green frogs.

    And as for my sister being younger than me

    Who would dress up with crowns, makeup and gowns. 

    But as I have neither I don’t have to bother

    About having a sister or brother. 

  13. Family In My Life
  14. By Julie Hebert

    My life is filled,

    With loving people.

    This makes me feel

    So darn grateful.

    I am honoured for those

    Wonderful people. 

    They make life so, 

    Real darn peaceful. 

    So thank you, Mom

    And thank you, Dad.

    You’ve both made me

    So darn glad.

    And there are Grandparents,

    Sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts. 

    You’ve all given me

    Everything I want. 

Tips To Teach Family Poems For Kids

A few tips to teach family poems for kids are mentioned below:

  • Encourage children to read about family poems on a regular basis.
  • Use simple language in the poem so that kids can understand better.
  • Explain rhyming words and their meanings in a creative way.
  • Teach children the importance of family bonding through creative poems. 
  • Read poems loudly in a rhythmic tone so that the children can experience the rhymes and their sounds effectively. 

We hope this family poem for kids was useful to you. Check our kids learning section for more poems, activities and other learning resources.

Frequently Asked Questions On Family Poems For Kids

What are family poems for kids?

Family poems for kids are the expression of feelings for their family members, It can be parents, grandparents, uncle and aunts or siblings.

What are the tips to teach family poems for kids?

A few tips to teach family poems for kids are that you can read poems loudly so that they can get acquainted with words and sentences and use simple language, so that they can understand and recite them easily.

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