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500+ Words Essay On Zoo And A Visit To The Zoo With My Friends

A zoo is an establishment, which houses and maintains a collection of wild and exotic animals, birds and insects for public display. These animals, which live in captivity, are housed in enclosures designed to look like their natural habitat. This allows people to observe and study these rare species of animals from close quarters. We share the world we live in with several different species of animals, birds, insects and other creatures. But the world is a vast place and not all animals can be found in one place. Zoos are a great way to help children and adults see rare and exotic animals and bring the wild closer to them. 

In this essay on Zoo, we learn about zoos and a visit to the zoo with my friends.

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Essay On Zoo: A Visit To The Zoo With My Friends

One bright sunny day, my friends and I decided to go to the zoo in our city. We packed a picnic basket with some sandwiches, fruits, juice and candies. We were very excited to go out on our own. We stood in the queue to get the tickets to the zoo. It was such a wonderful opportunity to learn about various kinds of animals and birds that we don’t see often.

We went around the zoo, checking out all the animals in their enclosures. We entered the big cats section and saw the King of the Jungle, the lion sitting majestically on his rock. Then we walked ahead and saw a leopard, perched high on the branch of a tree. A little further down, was a beautiful tigress playing with her cubs. 

Then we moved on and saw a herd of zebras running around their enclosure. Next to that was a tall giraffe munching on leaves. By now, we were hungry, so my friends and I sat under the shade of a tree and we ate our picnic lunch. We sat around and talked about the animals we’d seen. 

We saw many colourful birds and aquatic animals. One of my favorite moments was seeing the ducklings learn to paddle behind their mother. We saw many other birds and animals too like penguins and pandas, which were very cute and lazy. The crocodiles looked very scary but the hippopotamus looked like she was having fun playing in the water. It was fun to watch the hippopotamus swim in the water and splash water all around. We saw deer with beautiful antlers playing in the lush green grass of their enclosure. And next to that was a beautiful peacock, which danced and entertained us.  We got to see the naughty monkeys jumping around and climbing trees and chatter.

There were various kinds of birds such as sparrows, doves, ostrich, swans etc. It was very informative to learn about the eggs of different birds, their colors and different sizes. Then we went into the aquatic animals section and saw sharks, whales and even an octopus. We even got to interact and play with the dolphins, which we really enjoyed.

The zoo was like a mini forest with so many trees and animals. We enjoyed learning about all these animals, their food habits and their homes. We even learnt how to respect animals and accept them as they are. It was a treat to see so many animals and birds and learn more about them. We also learnt how to show love and compassion towards animals. Our day at the zoo was a day spent very well.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Zoo

What is a zoo?

A zoo, which is short for zoological park, is a place where they maintain a collection of wild animals for public viewing.

What are the benefits of visiting a zoo?

There are several educational benefits of visiting a zoo. Here are some advantages of going to a zoo: language development, family bonding, environmental awareness, exploration and discovery and multi-sensory learning experience.

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