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Water is a tasteless and odorless substance which constitutes about 71 percent of the earth’s surface. All living organisms depend on water for their survival. It consists of two molecules of hydrogen atom and one molecule of oxygen. The boiling point for water is 100 degrees and melting point is 0 degrees. Water can change into different forms of matter such as ice when cooled and vapour when heated. It is also called the universal solvent. Water is used for drinking, washing and agricultural purposes. Most of the water goes into drinking and irrigation practices. There are many water resources such as ocean, river, lake, pond, etc on the earth. 

The physical properties of water are that it is odourless, tasteless and transparent liquid. There is no particular shape of the water as it can take the form of any vessel or container. The plants and animals need water to survive. Plants use water for photosynthesis whereas animals drink water from the reservoir such as rivers or lakes. Apart from drinking, humans use water for industrial and agricultural purposes. Human life exists where there is water. It is not possible for living organisms to live without water. In this essay on water, we will discuss its significance and conservation practices. 

Significance Of Water 

We find abundant water resources on the earth. However, some amount of water is useful for drinking and the rest is unfit for use. It is possible for living organisms to live without food but not water. They need water to function properly. Due to disposal of wastes in the reservoirs, the water is getting polluted. It results in water borne diseases and other chronic health issues. Most importantly, water is used for daily household work such as cleaning utensils, washing clothes, bathing, cooking, watering plants, etc. Apart from this, there is huge demand for water for irrigation and other agricultural purposes. Some of the uses of water are mentioned below:

  • Agricultural purposes: Water is the most important resource in agriculture. It is used for the growth of crops. Due to good water supply, there will be an increase in the yield. This will undoubtedly improve the productivity of food grains. Farmers are dependent on water for irrigation and agricultural practices. This is the main source of livelihood for the farmers. Besides this, water is used for gardening and fisheries. 
  • Industrial purposes: Many industries are being established to produce goods. This production of goods requires large amounts of water. It is used for manufacture and production. It is also used for cleaning, processing and cooling of goods in the industries.  Due to this, there is an increase in the employment of people as well as economic growth. 
  • Household purposes: Water is used for household activities such as washing and cleaning. All people are dependent on water for their survival. People use water to plant trees, wash utensils, drink water, bathing, cooking, washing clothes, etc. 
  • Plants: Water is useful for growth of the plants. It helps in photosynthesis. Therefore, it is an important source for the plants. 
  • Animals: Apart from humans, animals are also dependent on water for their survival. They drink from nearby water resources such as rivers or lakes. 
  • Thermal purposes: Water is used for generating electricity. This provides employment to the people as well as electricity for all the houses. 
  • Mining purposes: Water is used for the extraction of minerals. These are used in the industries for economic growth. 
  • Recreation purposes: Water is used for recreational purposes such as swimming,  surfing, boating, water parks, etc. 
  • Commercial purposes: Water is used for various other commercial purposes such as car washing, construction of buildings, fire extinguishers, etc. 

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Conservation Of Water 

We all know that water is used in day to day life. How much water is used on a daily basis? We consume and use water for many activities. Though the earth is covered with water, all are not useful for drinking purposes. The rest of the water is from the ocean which is salty. Therefore, it is important to conserve the fresh water resources that are available for drinking water. Due to anthropogenic activities, the water is getting polluted drastically. The water resources are getting contaminated with industrial  and other commercial wastes. In recent times, we are experiencing a shortage of water.

Due to urbanization, there is growing demand for water in production and manufacturing units. In this regard, water has to be used sustainably keeping the future generation in mind. If the water is not used wisely, then there might be a shortage of clean water in the future. As a result of this, there can be reduction of agricultural yields, health issues and other developmental problems. Therefore, it is important to conserve water and use it wisely. Some of the ways to conserve water are mentioned below:

  • Turn off the tap if not in use.
  • Fix the leakage of the tubes in order to save the water. 
  • Monitor the use of water on a daily basis. 
  • Use a single bucket of water for bathing. 
  • Reuse the water for gardening.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth. 
  • Create awareness on saving water among people. 
  • Check for the leakage of water in the house and garden area. 
  • Promote water harvesting in communities.
  • Conduct capacity building programs to save water. 
  • Do not waste water while drinking. 
  • Use the required amount of water for household purposes. 
  • Use an energy efficient machine to wash clothes and dishes in order to save water. 
  • Take shower for less time. 
  • Avoid wastage of  running water. 
  • Participate in water conservation programs. 


Water is the most important substance made up of hydrogen and oxygen. It is basically a transparent, odorless and tasteless fluid. Water constitutes about 71 percent of the earth’s surface. It is used for drinking, irrigation, agriculture and other industrial purposes. 

We hope this essay on water was useful to you. Check essays for kids to explore more topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Essay On Water

What is an essay on water?

It is a short write up on water which is a tasteless and transparent liquid. It is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen molecule.

What are the uses of water?

Water is used for agriculture, industrial, thermal, irrigation, household, mining and other commercial purposes.

What are the ways to conserve water?

Water can be conserved by using them sustainably, fixing the leakage of taps, monitoring the supply of water, etc.

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