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Teachers are the most important people in a student’s life. After parents, students are close to their teachers for everything they do. They nurture a child into a responsible person. Teachers are well educated, responsible, patient and highly intelligent people. They make sure students  are well informed about the world around them. Teachers are well aware of their specialization in different fields such science, mathematics, social studies, english, languages, etc. Their proficiency in the subjects makes students acquainted with all the concepts that they are learning. They make sure that all the concepts that they are teaching are understood by the students. 

In order to grab their attention in learning, teachers adapt different teaching methods. These methods are highly engaging and interactive. They use creativity in their teaching so that students learn and retain the information in their memory for long periods of time. They are the repositories of knowledge that are passed to the students for better educational growth. In this essay on teachers, we will discuss the qualities and importance of teachers in students’ lives. 

Qualities of Teachers

Students are very close to their teachers. They spend most of their time in school. Therefore, there is a strong relationship between teachers and students. They interact with each other and develop strong understanding. This is possible because of the qualities that teachers have. And, these qualities make them the best teachers and guiding force for the students. Some of the qualities of teachers are mentioned below: 

  • Patience: They are extremely patient towards their students. A teacher develops patience while teaching and explaining the concepts that students might find difficult to understand. They wait patiently till they understand the concept thoroughly. A student can ask hundreds of questions but teachers never lose their patience in explaining them again and again. 
  • Compassion: This is the most important quality that all the teachers have. They support their students in happiness and sorrow. If a student falls sick or is unable to attend the class due to any emergency, teachers call them up to find out if they are fine. They show love and care to the students in the classroom and outside. 
  • Role model: They are role models to all the students. Teachers influence their students in a positive way. All students want to become like their teachers. They hold huge respect in the society. The reason is that they are the main people who make students a well educated person who can contribute to the development of the country. From preschool to graduation, teachers make sure that their students learn all the qualities that are important for leadership. They make them a better person with moral values and hardworking skills. 

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Importance of Teachers

Teaching is the most prestigious profession in the world. Teachers inspire respect and are valued for their service across the world. There are abundant qualities of teachers that are unmeasurable. They only focus on providing the best education to their students. Sometimes students might get scared of sharing their feelings, in such cases they prefer to open up to their teachers about things that they are afraid to tell their parents. Some of the importance of teachers are mentioned below:

  • Impart Knowledge To Students: Teachers are filled with abundant knowledge. They impart knowledge to the students with utmost dedication and confidence. Teachers acquire their knowledge by reading books, browsing information on the internet, researching and exploring new ideas to teach concepts to their students. There is no doubt that teachers can teach any topic that benefits their students for better educational growth. 
  • Develop Essential Skills In Students: When a small kid joins school, they hardly develop any skill required for their growth and development. Eventually, teachers help them develop essential skills in students. They make sure that students acquire critical thinking abilities, problem solving, decision making, creative thinking skills, etc. Most importantly, they develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. 
  • Teache Moral Values To Students: Apart from educational knowledge, it is important that each and every student should inculcate moral values in them. Teachers make sure that students acquire these values in school. They help them to understand the importance of creating values in life. The moral values include honesty, loyalty, care, kindness, responsibility, compassion, respect, etc. These values help students to become good citizens of the society. 
  • Develop Personality Of Students: A teacher makes sure that their students are well disciplined in life. They do not like them to behave badly with anyone. Teachers teach discipline to their students when they misbehave or try to become the cause of disturbance in the classroom. They teach them hygiene, time management, hard work, integrity, etc. Teachers make sure that every student develops a personality that is loved by all the people around them. 
  • Guide Students: Teachers are the main guiding factors among the students. They guide them in all the aspects of life. Teachers provide a lot of opportunities for their students to explore and discover things. They arrange educational trips, activities, and games for students to enhance their learning experience. Teachers support them to develop communication, presentation and organizational skills. 
  • Inspire Students: Teachers inspire their students to succeed in life. They teach important life skills to their students such as confidence, ethics, motivation, etc. All the students want to become like their favorite teachers so that they can imbibe all the qualities that their teachers have.


Teachers are the most influential people in the world. They are filled with abundant knowledge and experience in shaping the career of their students. Teachers are very intelligent, compassionate, knowledgeable, patient and dedicated. They help students to gain knowledge, teach discipline, and develop essential skills and personality. 

We hope this essay on teachers was useful to you. Check essays for kids to explore more such topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Teachers

What is an essay on teachers?

It is a short write up on teachers who are the most important people in a student’s life. They impart knowledge along with necessary skills to the students.

What are the qualities of a teacher?

The qualities of a teacher are dedication, compassion, patience, knowledge, etc.

What is the importance of a teacher?

The importance of teachers is that they provide knowledge to the students along with developing essential skills and personality.

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