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500+ Words Essay On Science For Kids And Its Advantages

Science is a subject that helps us make sense of the physical and natural world around us. It is a system of studying and gaining knowledge on the world around us and its behavior by experimenting and observing. There is no aspect of our daily lives, which doesn’t involve science in one form or another. From the microwave oven that heats our food to the ground we walk on, science is a vital part of our everyday lives. All the development and modernization of the world can be attributed to science. It makes our lives simpler and more comfortable.

In this essay on science, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of science.

Essay On Science: The Advantages Of Science

Everything in our lives from electricity, transportation, medical services to the internet is dependent on science. Science exists in every aspect of the world, the only thing we have to do is analyze and use it efficiently. Here are some advantages of science.

  1. Knowledge and discovery: Science is what helps us learn and understand the world around us. From simple questions like, “why is the sun so bright?” to more advanced, “what caused the big bang theory?”, Science helps us answer them all. Science takes us down a wonderful road of experimentation, observation and discovery. 
  2. New technologies: Technology is nothing but the application of scientific knowledge to produce goods and services that makes our lives easier. With more advancements in science, we have new technologies that make the world a better place to live in. 
  3. Progress and development: Without science and technology, we’d still be hunter gatherers living in a cave. Now with all the development, we have TVs, vehicles, mobile phones, flying drones and even driverless vehicles. Science helps us push our boundaries, tests and questions our preconceived notions and expands our knowledge. Without science we wouldn’t have life saving vaccines or the darkness dispelling light bulb. It helps us solve problems and make positive progress.
  4. Challenges and defies false beliefs: Science is based on facts and hard evidence. It challenges and drives out ignorance and false beliefs and leads us towards the truth. It helps us solve problems by studying, testing, observing and retesting until we have a solution. It also removes guesswork, which can be harmful and even fatal, and replaces it with proof-based learning.
  5. Simplifies our lives: Advancements in science make our lives simpler and easier. From the vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning easier to the internet, which allows us to communicate with people around the world, science makes our lives easier. 

Now that we know of the advantages of science, lets learn about its drawbacks in this essay on science.

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Essay On Science: The Disadvantages Of Science

Nevertheless, while it has a lot of advantages, science has a few disadvantages too. Here are a few disadvantages of science:

  1. Consequences: While modernization from science has made our lives easier, it has its disadvantages. Used improperly, it can have disastrous consequences like weapons of mass destruction. Modern scientific innovations like fertilizers in farming, construction and industrialization have led to a lot of pollution and global warming. 
  2. Makes life easy but lazy: Modern scientific innovations have simplified our lives. For example, we now have artificial intelligence that does all our work for us, even making a grocery list or opening the door. This dependence on technology makes us lazy. Additionally, when the technology fails it leaves us completely helpless. 
  3. Harmful: Some scientific innovations are hazardous like weapons and chemicals. It can do irreparable harm to us and the world around us. Additionally, we humans get easily addicted to technology, which can have adverse effects on our physical and mental health. It also lowers our creativity and productivity.
  4. Unemployment: The advent of machines have led to high rates of unemployment. Scientific innovation like robots and machines increase efficiency and productivity. So, the industries shift to automation to increase productivity, often leading to unemployment.

But the fault doesn’t lie in science. These disadvantages are because of us humans, who misuse and abuse scientific knowledge to suit our needs. So, it’s up to us to change and use it appropriately and benefit from it.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Science

What is science?

Science is the study and application of knowledge on the world around us and its behavior by experimenting and observing.

What are the benefits of science?

Science is an intrinsic part of our lives. We need it to learn about the world around us and solve problems, big and small. Some applications of science and technology are: Television, cell phones, computers, vaccinations, medical research, transportation, farming and agriculture, space exploration etc.

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