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500+ Words Essay On Parents For Children

Parents are the most important part of a child’s life. They give birth to their children and take care of them throughout their lives. Mother and father do everything for their children so that they can lead a good life with all the facilities. From the time children are born, parents are the pillars in their lives. They take care of children even when they are old enough to take care of themselves. They feel for their children in happiness and sorrows. They support them in everything they do in life. But, there are also times when parents are strict and teach their children discipline so that they are well behaved. They inculcate moral values, honesty, integrity and kindness in children. 

Needless to say, parents show their children the right path to follow in life. Sometimes, children may get confused about the difference between right and wrong. In such cases, they support their children and show them the right direction. Most of the time parents stand like pillars with their children during difficult times. They protect them from getting harmed by others. Moreover, parents make sure that their children are safe and secure in their lives. Parents take care of their children with all their needs. In this essay on parents, we will discuss qualities of parents and their importance. 

Essay On Parents: Qualities Of Parents 

Parents are the precious gift of god for their children. The words cannot describe how important parents are for their children. Parents have so many qualities that make them who they are. There is no one better than parents. They make sure that their children inherit all the qualities that can make them a responsible person in life. For instance, they teach how to maintain relationships with others. Besides this, children learn basic discipline of life such as punctuality, time management, hygiene, loyalty, care and kindness from their parents. A few qualities of parents are mentioned below: 

  • They show love and affection to all people.  
  • They are caring and kind hearted people. 
  • They are very disciplined and follow all the rules and regulations in life. 
  • They are role models for their children. 
  • They respect everyone. 
  • They are the best teachers for their children. 
  • They are friendly and supportive in whatever their children choose to do. 
  • They have a lot of patience and understanding qualities. 
  • They show empathy for others.
  • They are very creative and innovative in planning things for their children. 
  • They are the most humble and kindest people on earth.

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Essay On Parents: Importance of Parents 

Parenting skills are developed in them during the birth of their child. They develop a lot of patience and understanding qualities for their children. Parents make decisions for children which are good for their life. They are responsible for their children’s upbringing. Parents are the pillars of the family who are filled with love and affection. Whenever children are in pain or distress, they need parents for their support. No one in this world can shape or develop skills among children other than parents. Some of the importance of parents in our lives are mentioned below: 

  • Take care of their children in any condition.
  • Ensure the safety and security of their children all the time. 
  • Provides emotional, physical and mental support to their children. 
  • Fulfills all the needs of children, irrespective of whether they are financially stable or not. 
  • Encourages children to participate in activities and the events that fascinate them. 
  • Motivates the children to learn and achieve success in life. 
  • Provides the best education to their children.
  • Provides confidence to the children in whatever things they like to do. 
  • Provides courage to their children in difficult situations. 
  • Supports in playing games, taking part in extracurricular activities, arts and crafts. 
  • Maintains good relationships with their children. 
  • Plans tours and picnics for the children. 
  • Ensure proper planning for their future education and other needs. 

Essay On Parents: What Role Do Parents Play In A Child’s Life?

A few roles played by parents in a child’s life are mentioned below: 

  • A Friend: This is the most important role that is played by parents. Due to this, children will be more comfortable to speak and share their thoughts with parents. It is important for parents to be approachable in terms of any matter that their children want to discuss. In this way, children will become more comfortable to speak their mind and become best friends with their parents. 
  • A Teacher: From the time children are born, parents have been the best teachers in their life. They not only help them with their education but also develop fundamental skills. Parents contribute to development of skills such as communication, social, vocabulary and other essential skills. They help children with their academic lessons, projects and extracurricular activities. Besides this, they teach children to differentiate between right and wrong so that they can choose the right path. 
  • A Guide: Parents are always available for children irrespective of any circumstances. They provide support and guidance for all the activities that they want to do. Most importantly, they sacrifice everything for their children. Sometimes, they forget their needs and interests in order to fulfill their child’s dream. They guide their children to do good in life. Apart from education, they provide the best lifestyles for their children so that they never complain or miss necessary things in life.

Essay On Parents: Conclusion

Parents are the pillars of the family. They take care of children with a lot of love and affection. Moreover, they fulfil all the needs of their children irrespective of any circumstances.  They provide support, guidance, love and care throughout their lives. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of children to take care of them for their whole life. Children should give more respect and love to their parents. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Essay On Parents

What is an essay on parents?

It is a short write up on parents who are the most precious God gifts for their children. They take good care of children and fulfill all their needs.

What are the qualities of parents?

The qualities of parents are loving, caring, friendly, responsible, patient, a teacher, a guide, supportive, disciplined, etc.

What is the importance of parents?

The importance of parents is that they are available for their children irrespective of any situations. They provide all the necessary things required for education, growth and development of their children.

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