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500 + Words Essay On Mom

Mom is the best and closest person in a child’s life. A mother gives birth to the child and provides all the happiness in the world. They can feel the pain and sorrows of their child. Most importantly, they teach life skills to their child so that they can become a better person in life. They are the best friend and teacher to their children. Apart from their house and other responsibilities, they take care of their child’s education. Mothers are the best teachers at home as they help children with their homework and projects. 

There is unbiased love, care and compassion for their children. We cannot expect such love from anyone other than our mother’s. Isn’t it? They take care of their child’s food, health and education in a systematic way. Even if moms are emotionally or mentally drained, they never complain. They only live for their children and their happiness. Mothers motivate their children to achieve something in life. In this essay on mom, we will discuss their qualities and importance in our lives. 

Qualities Of Mom 

All children are emotionally attached to their mothers. No child can do without their mom. They are the inspiration for all children. Mothers not only take care of their children but the whole family with the same love and affection. Some of the qualities of mothers are mentioned below: 

  • Extremely patient on things that they do. 
  • Never get frustrated on dealing with problems. 
  • Always stays positive and motivated. 
  • Emotionally and mentally strong. 
  • Show empathy to the people around them. 
  • Always loving and supportive for the children. 
  • Kind and caring. 
  • Role models for all the children.
  • They are humble, respectful and strong. 

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Importance Of Mom 

Some of the importance of mom in our lives are mentioned below:

  • Pillar of the family: They take care of everyone in the family. All the people in the family are dependent on their mother for work. 
  • Forgiving: Mothers are the most forgiving person in the family. They forgive their children for any small mistake that they make. And, try to correct them in case they go wrong with any decisions in life. 
  • A Friend: Mom is someone who is always there for children as a friend. Children can share their feelings and thoughts with their moms. There is alway a sense of friendship with their mothers. 
  • A Teacher: Mom provides their children with the best educational platform and opportunities to explore the world. At home, kids learn the basics of education from their mothers. They nurture and instruct their children in such a way that all the teachings are embedded in their mind. 


Mom is the most precious gift from God to a child. They are the best friends to their children. They like to take care of their children with love, care and affection. There is nothing in the world that can match the love of a mother to their children. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Essay On Mom 

What is an essay on mom?

It is a short write up on a mom who has given birth to her children and is the most important person in their life.

What are the qualities of mom?

The qualities of mom are that they are very loving, caring, friendly, strong and the pillar of their family.

What is the importance of mom in our lives?

Mom is a god gifted person in every child’s life. They are the best teachers and friends to their children.