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500 + Words Essay On Doctor For Children 

A doctor is someone who holds a medical degree and practices medicine to treat and cure illness. The doctor is a term designated for surgeons, dentists, or veterinarians. Doctors are someone whom we consider as lifesavers. They dedicate their life to the betterment of people and their well-being. Any ailment or illness that requires the attention of a medical expert, then we only think of doctors. Little kids try to imitate doctors and wish to take up the profession when they grow up. Doctors have immense knowledge on the subject or specialization that they are interested in. 

They have the capability to diagnose and treat any illness irrespective of its severity. Doctors work tirelessly for mankind. There is no fixed time or place for them to work. During an emergency, they are available for their patients at any time. They are someone who takes responsibility for curing people with utmost care and love. During pain, your first thought is of doctors who can give you medicine and cure the ailment. To become a doctor, they put lots of effort into cracking the competitive exam in order to get selected to the best medical colleges. Eventually, with hard work and dedication, they become successful doctors whom everyone can rely on. 

Different Specialization of Doctors 

Most of the people in the world have fixed time for their work. But, doctors are people who do not restrict themselves to timings. Doctors build strong relationships with their patients so that they can easily treat them. Many patients come up with different types of disorders or illnesses. Doctors understand the reason for the illness by analyzing the symptoms of the patients. With that, patients will be treated based on the severity of the illness. There are various specializations in the field of medicine. They are as follows:

  • Orthopedic: treats musculoskeletal system problems. 
  • Gynecologists: takes care of delivery of baby and other gynecology related issues. 
  • Dermatologists: Cures skin related issues.
  • Ophthalmologists: treats problems related to eyes.
  • Pediatrics: treats children related problems.
  • Audiologists: treats hearing problems. 
  • Cardiologists: treats heart related disorders. 
  • Geriatrics: takes care of old age people and their medical conditions.
  • Allergists: treats patients with allergy related issues. 
  • Endocrinologists: takes care of issues related to the endocrine system. 
  • Nephrologists: treats kidney related problems. 
  • Neurologists: treats conditions related to the nervous system.
  • Radiologists: diagnosis and treating issues related to medical imaging testing.  

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What Is The Role Of Doctor?

Doctors basically treat and look after the concern of patients suffering from illness or disease. The responsibilities of doctors are as follows: 

  • Treats minor to major illnesses of a person. 
  • Consults patients in case of health related issues. 
  • Performs health check ups on a regular basis. 
  • Performs surgery for major problems.
  • Keeps medical records of patients for reference and treatment. 


Doctors are people who treat and cure ailments of humans and animals. They help patients in getting relief from the pain that they are suffering from. We need to be grateful to doctors for their selfless care. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Essay On Doctor

What is an essay on doctor?

It is a short write-up on doctors who treat and cure illnesses of people. They provide solutions to the problems of the patients suffering from ailments.

What are the types of specialization of doctors?

The different specializations of doctors are orthopedic, neurologists, pediatrics, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, etc.

What are the responsibilities of a doctor?

The doctor helps in treating health-related issues, performs surgery, maintains medical records of patients, and performs regular health checkups.

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