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Computer is an electronic device used for storing and displaying arithmetic and logical information. These are capable of processing, storing and retrieving data. Most people are completely inclined towards computers for all the tasks that require fast processing. Computers are capable of performing a set of operations that are also known as programs. And, these programs help computers in performing tasks automatically. The parts of the computers are hardware and software. The hardware of a computer includes physical components such as motherboard, keyboards, mouse, memory, computer chips, etc. Whereas, software are the non physical devices such as programs and data. The software includes the information in the form of codes. 

The computer has four main components such as input device, output device, control unit and arithmetic logic unit. Computers are used in day to day life in offices, home, industries and for other commercial purposes. Most importantly, it reduces the time taken for completing the task. All the sectors of medicine, science, research and development, education, etc depend on computers to make their work easier and faster. With this, people can calculate, play games, send emails, write documents, browse the internet, etc. In this essay on computers, you will find details on its parts, types and the applications. 

Parts Of Computer

Charles Babbage is known as the father of computers. In the 19th century, he invented the first computer. Earlier, computers were designed only for calculation purposes, but now advanced computers have been developed with the help of technology. The parts of computer are basically classified into the following categories:

  • Input Devices: These are the internal devices that help computers to process data. Some of the examples of input devices are mouse, touch screen, microphone, keyboard, computer camera, etc. 
  • Output Devices: These are the external devices that provide output for the data. Some of the output devices are printer, monitor, speaker, projector, etc. 
  • Control Unit: This is a system that controls and interprets the instructions of a program into a signal.
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit: These are capable of performing arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. in the computers. 

Types Of Computers

There are different types of computers available in the market depending on their shape and size. It helps you to perform regular tasks easily. The types of computers are mentioned below:

  • Supercomputer: These types of computers are basically found in research institutions for performing huge tasks. They can perform millions of instructions within fractions of seconds. 
  • Desktop computers: Most people use this type of computer at home, office and schools. They perform simple day to day tasks such as writing and storing data, watching videos, playing games and other miscellaneous tasks. 
  • Laptops: These are portable computers which can be carried anywhere easily. Laptops are smaller than desktop computers. You can use this for doing office work or personal tasks. 
  • Tablets: These are handheld computers which are easy to carry. The screen of the tablet is smaller than the laptops. It includes touch screen pads to scroll and navigate the screen. 
  • Smartphones: These mobile phones can work as computers in terms of browsing the internet and using other applications. 

Applications Of Computers 

Computers work with the help of hardware and software. For example, you want to browse some articles with the help of a mouse which enables you to click on the topics that you want to search. Here, browsing the web is the software and the mouse used to click the page is hardware. Computers are used in various fields of life such as education, research institutions, entertainment, government and commercial sectors. Let us discuss the use in detail as given below: 

  • Government: Computers are used for storing and maintaining information in the government offices. All the government related documents and policies are created and stored in the computers. This enables them to complete the task in a short period of time. 
  • Education: Computers are extremely important in the education sector. With growing education technology, students require computers to enhance their knowledge for better learning outcomes. This will help them in browsing information or concepts that they are learning, attending online classes, creating and submitting assignments, downloading engaging concepts in the form of videos and images, etc. 
  • Business: Most of the business work is carried out with the help of computers. They can prepare strategies, guidelines, tasks, and other related documents in the computers. Each employee of the business or organization will be given a computer in order to work efficiently and achieve the set targets. 
  • Medicine: This is a very important sector where computers are used to record the medical data of patients in the computer. The information such as tests and prescription details can be stored in the computer. Medical experts use computer based diagnostic tools and applications to treat patients. 
  • Home: Most of the people use computers at home in order to make their day to day task easy. They can pay bills, watch movies, access social media and shop from online stores. This will make them complete the task successfully in less time. Due to this, there will be a reduction in travel time, saving money and performing the tasks accurately. 

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Benefits Of Computers

Some benefits of computers are mentioned below:

  • Reduces the time taken for completing the task. 
  • Increases the productivity of the task. 
  • Provides abundant opportunities to explore and discover new things. 
  • Provides resources for all the topics that you are interested in. 
  • Organizes the information systematically.
  • Provides a platform to create and store information. 
  • Provides accurate information. 
  • Used for making presentations, videos, images and infographics. 
  • Helps in calculation purposes. 


Computer is an electronic device used for manipulating, storing and retrieving data. With this, you can send and receive emails, create and store documents, watch videos, browse information, play games, etc. We need to make sure that computers are a boon for mankind and it has to be used efficiently for growth and development of the country and individual. 

We hope this essay on computer was useful to you. Check essays for kids to explore more topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Essay On Computer

What is an essay on the computer?

It is a short write up on computers which is an electronic machine used to process information.

What are the types of computers?

The types of computers are supercomputers, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

What are the applications of computers?

Computers are basically used in various fields such as education, research organizations, educational institutions, business, home, etc.

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