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500 + Words Essay On Cat In English

Cats are domestic animals. The scientific name of the cat is Felia catus. It is a very cute and adorable animal. Apart from tigers, cats belong to the family Felidae. The offspring of cats are called kittens. From kids to adults, everyone is fond of cats. Cats are very good friends of humans. They like to play with them. Cats usually feed on milk, meat, fish, mice, etc. Though cats are kept as domestic pets, they are clever hunters. They are very friendly animals and like to hunt mice and snakes. 

Cats are basically tiny creatures covered with silky fur. They have whiskers and ears which are highly sensitive. They have sharp eyes which helps them to see at night. Cats are social animals which like to spend time with people. Most of the time they like to sleep. But, they entertain and create happiness at home. If cats get irritated, they can strike with their claws. They only need love and affection from people. Cats are extremely lazy as they like to lie down in some corner of the house. 

What Are The Features Of Cats?

Cats usually make a meow sound for their communication. Did you know that the catwalk is the most graceful? Yes, they walk very gracefully and slowly. They like to play with their owners. Some of the interesting facts about cats are mentioned below: 

  • Cats are the most intelligent animal.
  • Cats have bright eyes, sensitive ears and whiskers. 
  • Cats are fond of eating mice, fish and drinking milk. 
  • Cats have sharp eyes that can see even at night. 
  • Cats are very friendly animals. 
  • The body of a cat is covered with silky hair. 
  • Cats hate sweets. 
  • Cats have a tendency to make less sound while walking. 
  • Cats can groom other cats. 
  • The sound meow is a way of their communication. 
  • Cats live longer when they stay indoors. 

How To Protect Cats?

Though cats are very intelligent and independent animals, it is important to take care of them. Some of the ways to groom and protect cats are mentioned below:

  • Devote some time to the cats. 
  • Provide timely food and water for the cats. 
  • Groom cats on a regular basis. 
  • Create a safe environment for the cats to play. 

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Benefits Of Owning A Cat

The cats bring extreme joy and unconditional love for their owners. They help in reducing their stress and relieving tensions in life.  Some of the benefits of cats are mentioned below:

  • Cats are fun and playful animals. 
  • They are extremely low maintenance pets. 
  • Most cats like to maintain silence and avoid any kind of fuss at home. 
  • They do not look for attention and always play independently without disturbing others. 
  • They hunt mice and other insects in the house. 
  • They help in relieving tensions in life. 
  • They reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness among people.


Cats are domestic animals and belong to the family Felidae. They are very clever and intelligent animals. Most of the cats are kept as domestic pets at home. They only need love and care from their owners. Therefore, cats have to be protected and taken care of. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Essay On Cat

What is an essay on cats?

It is a short write up on cats which are the domestic pets belonging to the Felidae family. 

What are the features of cats?

The  features of cats are that they have sharp claws, whiskers and bushy tails. The body of the cat is covered with fur.

What are the benefits of owning a cat?

The benefits of owning a cat are that they shower love and reduce the feeling of loneliness in life.

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