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500+ Words Essay On Birds, Their Characteristics And How They’re Important For The Environment

Of all animals in the world, birds are one of the most fascinating creatures. These winged animals can walk on the ground and even fly high in the skies. The wings, the hundreds of feathers that cover their bodies and their hollow bones are what helps them lift their bodies and fly. But not all birds can fly, birds like ostriches and penguins are flightless birds. 

There are thousands of species of birds on Earth and each of them is unique. Most of them are herbivorous, but a few species of birds are carnivorous. For example, kites, vultures, hawks, eagles etc are called birds of prey because they eat other animals.

Birds are extremely important for our environment. From pollination to keeping the earth clean and even predicting weather conditions, birds are extremely useful. In this essay on birds, learn about the characteristics of birds and how they’re vital to our ecosystem and it’s balance.

Essay On Birds: Characteristics Of Birds

Here are 5 major characteristics of birds:

  1. Wings: Wings are what differentiate birds from other animals. These wings are what help the birds fly. But not all birds have wings. Some birds like penguins have flippers, which helps them swim.
  2. Feathers: Feathers are another defining feature of birds, which separate them from other animals. Feathers help birds fly and also keep them warm and protect them against the elements.
  3. Beak or bill:  All birds have a beak or a bill, which is a bony projection on their faces. These beaks or bills are the entry to a bird’s mouth. Different species of birds have different kinds of beaks or bills depending on their diet. For example, predatory birds like hawks and eagles have sharp, hooked beaks, which helps in tearing and ripping meat. Birds with cone shaped beaks help them break the shells of nuts and seeds to eat them. Aquatic birds like ducks and geese have bills, which help them strain food from the water. Some birds like hummingbirds have a sharp needle-like beak that helps them suck nectar from flowers.
  4. Skeleton: Another distinguishing feature of birds is their hollow and lightweight but strong skeleton. This is what helps the bird lift itself off the ground and fly into the sky. But this differs in flightless birds. Penguins have large, marrow-filled bones and fat, which protects them against the cold in their frozen habitat. Ostriches have heavy, solid bones and muscles in their legs, which gives them the strength to run at high speeds and kick powerfully. 
  5. Eggs: Another distinctive feature of birds is that they give birth to their young ones by laying and hatching eggs. Most birds construct nests to lay and hatch their eggs and care for their hatchlings.

Now that you know the different characteristics of birds, read on to learn about the importance of birds for our environment in this essay on birds.

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Essay On Birds: The Importance Of Birds

Birds are an important part of our environment and food chain, they’re vital to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. In fact, sometimes we need birds more than they need us.

  1. Pollination and Seed Dispersion: Birds are extremely important for pollination and dispersing seeds. This helps more plants grow. Additionally, bird droppings also add more nutrients to the soil, so they’re important for soil fertility too.
  2. Balance the food chain: Carnivorous birds eat pests and rodents like mice, rats, snakes etc. This keeps a check on rodent population and helps in pest control. Birds that eat carrion help keep the environment clean of decaying matter.
  3. Predicting weather: Birds are very intuitive creatures. They’re very sensitive to changes in weather and can sense high levels of carbon monoxide. So, they are often used to predict explosions in coal mines.

Sadly, these beautiful creatures are in danger. The greed of humans, climate change and pollution pose a threat to these fascinating creatures. We need to ensure that the species survives to keep the ecosystem from falling apart.

We hope you found this essay on birds helpful. For more such essays on different topics, check Osmo’s essays for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions On Birds

What are the characteristics that distinguish birds from other animals?

The characteristics that distinguish birds from other animals are their wings, feathers, beaks or bills and their lightweight and hollow skeleton.

How are birds important to the environment?

Birds are important for dispersing seeds and pollination, pest control, balancing the food chain and predicting the weather.

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