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500+ Words Environment Essay, Its Importance And The Impact Of Humans On The Environment

The environment can be defined as the natural world, which encompasses all living and nonliving things in the world. The environment can also be defined as the surroundings or conditions or geographical area in which a person, animal, plant or thing lives and operates. The environment is what helps nurture and sustain life on earth. It provides us with everything we need to eat, drink, breathe, feel and survive. 

The environment maintains nature’s balance, which is essential for the survival of all things in the world. However, human life and activities over the centuries have impacted the environment greatly. If the environment deteriorates, it could affect the ecological balance, which could have disastrous consequences for life on earth. So, it’s crucial to care for the environment and save it. 

Learn more about the environment and its importance in this environment essay. This environment essay also talks about the the impact of human life on the environment.

Environment Essay: The Importance Of The Environment

The earth’s environment is like a blanket that helps sustain life and keeps it safe and sound. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and even the ground we walk on are all part of the environment. It plays a very important role in helping living beings survive on earth. Here are some points that explain the importance of the environment:

  1. Only home: The earth is the only planet that can sustain life, this is because of its environment. Without this environment, life on earth wouldn’t survive.
  2. Resources: The environment provides us with everything we need. From clean air to breathe to food to eat and much more, the environment provides us with all the resources we need to survive. The environment is also home to several plants, which provide us with medicines. It also provides us with water, shelter, clothes, furniture etc.
  3. Regulated temperature and climate: One of the reasons that the Earth is habitable is because it has the perfect temperature, climate and chemical ingredients. This is possible because of the earth’s environment.
  4. Soil: The ground that we walk on and soil are also an important factor that makes the environment perfect. It provides the perfect environment for plants and trees to flourish. This, in turn, provides animals and humans with food, clothing and shelter. 

The environment is a wonderful gift for all living beings on earth and we need to conserve it. But human life, over the past few centuries, has impacted the environment negatively. Learn more about the impact of humans on the environment in this environment essay.

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Environment Essay: The Impact Of Humans On The Environment

The environment is the life sustaining support system for all living beings on the planet. All living organisms on the planet are interdependent. If any one species goes extinct, it disrupts the food chain and ecological balance. This could have disastrous consequences on all other living organisms. Over the last few centuries, increased human activities have led to environmental degradation. 

Here are a few ways that humans have impacted the environment negatively:

  1. Pollution: One of the greatest ills that human activity has brought to this planet is pollution. Increased industrialization, overpopulation and other human activities have led to pollution. Water pollution, air pollution, light pollution, and noise pollution have increased. Improper waste disposal, especially plastic and other chemicals has led to landfills filled with garbage that cause more pollution. 
  2. Global Warming: Increased industrialization and urbanization led to an explosion in population. To meet the needs of the growing population, forests were cut down to accommodate them. Aggressive farming methods, livestock rearing, mass production etc were adopted to feed the growing population. The chemicals released from all these activities have increased the temperature of the earth, leading to climate change and global warming. 
  3. Loss of biodiversity: The adverse effects of climate change and global warming have led to loss of biodiversity. Animals, plants, ecosystems, cloud forests etc are disappearing as a result of climate change and global warming. For example, global warming and climate change is increasing the temperature of the oceans. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is at risk of coral bleaching and other infectious disease because of this thermal stress.
  4. Natural disasters: All beings on the planet are dependent on each other for survival. Coexisting with each other helps maintain the ecological balance. But man’s actions over the last few years have upset this balance. As a result of this, the world is experiencing severe natural disasters. 

Conserving our environment and keeping it safe is not a choice anymore. It’s extremely important to bring a positive change and protect the environment to ensure our survival. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Environment

Why is the environment important?

The environment is what feeds, nurtures, shelters, clothes and helps us survive. Everything from the plants, air, water, soil, animals is necessary for us to survive. It is our only home, so it is important to protect our environment and keep it safe for future generations.

How have humans impacted the environment negatively?

Human activities like aggressive farming methods, rapid industrialization and urbanization, mass production etc have polluted our environment. Extreme amounts of pollution have reduced the quality of air, affected soil and water conditions, led to loss of biodiversity, spread of diseases etc. It has also led to climate change and global warming, which have further led to natural disasters. If it is not controlled or stopped, it could mean the end of life on the planet.

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