10 Easter Poems For Kids: Explore List of Best Easter Poems

Easter is one of the most awaited festivals celebrated across the world. On this day, kids love hunting Easter eggs hidden inside the house or in the surroundings along with playing some interesting games. Parents try to hide some candies and eggs in the Easter basket so that kids can enjoy searching for them. Teach some Easter poems for kids to boost their excitement before the egg hunt and make the celebration more fun. Learning poems for kids will help them upgrade their vocabulary knowledge for better learning outcomes.

Easter Poems For Kids: Short and Sweet Easter Poems for Children

Poems are a great way to boost a child’s learning of language, words, and expressions. Easter poems for kids will enable them to learn new words associated with the celebration along with sentence formation and better language skills. These short poems are easy to recite and remember. Learning vocabulary for for kids will enable them to communicate effectively with others using meaningful words. Let us enjoy the new season with Easter eggs and candies along with some fun Easter poems for kids. 

List of Best Easter Poems for Kids 

Here are some interesting Easter poems for kids to make them look forward to the egg hunt.

  1. Easter Bunny Nerves
  2. By Michele Meleen

    Giant Fluffy Easter Bunny

    How did you grow so tall?

    I thought you’d be small

    which isn’t scary at all. 

    But, now that I see you

    I’m not quite sure

    I want to cuddle

    your giant fluffy fur. 

  3. Coloring An Easter Egg
  4. By Kelly Roper

    First, you take a nice white egg

    And put it in a white holder.

    Then dip it in the cup of dye

    And soak it until the color is bolder. 

    Then lay it on a paper towel

    And let it dry for a while. 

    And then you have an Easter egg

    So pretty it will make you smile.

    You can also use a crayon

    To draw on fancy designs

    Like polka dots and a lot of stripes

    Or even zigzag lines. 

    Then dip the egg into the dye

    And let the color sink in.

    It’ll look so neat when you lift it out,

    It will surely make you grin. 

  5. Easter Bunny
  6. By Mary Brandolino

    In memories of all the bunnies we couldn’t save

    I remember Easter Sunday

    It was colorful and fun

    The new life that I’d begun

    In my new cage. 

    I was just a little thing

    When they brought me from the store

    And they put me on the floor

    In my cage.

    They would take me out to play

    Love and pet me all the time

    Then at day’s end I would climb

    In my cage.

    But as days and weeks went by

    I saw less of them it seemed

    Of their loving touch I dreamed

    In my cage. 

    In the night outside their house

    I felt so sad and neglected 

    Often scared and unprotected 

    In my cage.

    In the dry or rainy weather

    Sometimes hotter sometimes colder

    I just sat there growing older

    In my cage. 

    The cat and dog raced by me

    Playing with each other only

    When I sat there feeling lonely 

    In my cage. 

    Upon the fresh green grass

    Children skipped and laughed all day 

    I could only watch them play

    From my cage. 

    They used to take me out 

    And let me scamper in the sun

    I no longer get to run

    In my cage.

    Once a cute and cuddly bunny

    Like a little ball of cotton

    Now I’m grown up and forgotten

    In my cage.

    I don’t know what went wrong

    At the home I did inhabit

    I just grew to be a rabbit

    In my cage.

    But they’ve brought me to the ground

    I was once loved and enjoyed 

    Now I wait to be destroyed 

    In my cage. 

  7. On Easter Day
  8. By June Masters Bacher

    On Easter day the lilies bloom

    Triumphant risen from their tomb

    Their bulbs have undergone rebirth

    Born from the silence of the earth

    Symbolically to tell all men

    That Christ, the Savior, lives again.

    The angels, pure and white as they, 

    Have come and rolled the stone away

    And with the lifting of the stone,

    The shadow of the cross is gone!

  9. Easter Love
  10. By Joanna Fuchs

    On Easter day we celebrate love,

    love coming down from heaven,

    love blanketing the earth

    in a transforming embrace;

    unique and infinite love,

    giving more than we can imagine

    for us, to cleanse our sin, 

    a perfect sacrifice, lamb of god, 

    the walking, the talking word. 

    He is teacher, role model, friend, 

    this God in human form, 

    dying, then rising from the dead,

    proving all who believe

    will also rise

    to have eternal life, with Him,

    Lord of all.

    Oh, Happy, Happy Easter!

  11. Easter Eggs
  12. By Anonymous

    Yellow and blue.

    Easter eggs,

    For me and you

    Easter eggs,

    Candy sweet.

    Easter eggs

    Are good to eat.

    Easter eggs,

    Pretty and funny.

    But…where oh where

    Is the Easter bunny?

    7. An Easter Poem

    By Debbie

    ” Today is Easter,

    A very special day,

    It’s the time to go to church,

    And take some time and pray.

    The kids will hunt for easter eggs,

    And have alot of fun,

    And on this beautiful spring day,

    We’ll all be out in the sun.

    But we must remember our savior,

    who is up in the heavens above,

    Because we are blessed with so many things,

    And they are all given with his love.”

    8. Easter Lillies

    By Celia Laighton Thaxter

    ” Easter lillies! Can you hear

    What they whisper, low and clear?

    In dewy fragrance they unfold

    Their splendor sweet, their snow and gold.

    Every beauty-breathing bell

    News of heaven has to tell.

    Listen to their mystic voice.

    Hear, oh mortal, and rejoice!

    Hark, their soft and heavenly chime!

    Christ is risen for all time!”

    9. The Last Plastic Egg

    By Michele Meleen

    The grass is green

    and you are blue,

    and why oh why

    can’t I find you?

    One plastic Egg

    left to find.

    I must keep looking,

    no candy gets left behind!

    10. Easter Eggs

    By Leanne Guenther

    Pretty little eggs I’ll make

    Some pink, some green, some blue.

    Then she’ll crack one and he’ll crack one,

    And I’ll crack one for you!

Tips to Create Easter Poems for Kids

Are you looking to make your little one a poet? Then you should get them to write their own small poems on Easter. It doesn’t have to be anything long and lyrical, a simple poem about the celebration is easy to do. Here are some tips to create fun Easter poems for kids.

  • Select interesting topics on Easter to create poems for kids. 
  • Make it knowledgeable or funny so that kids can enjoy reciting poems.
  • Create well planned content before writing the poems.
  • Create poems that are short, funny and easy to read. 
  • Encourage children to make cards or books on Easter poems that they can gift someone or keep it for themselves. 
  • Make innovative cards that are visually appealing with photographs and some attractive art and craft work. 
  • Motivate children to learn poems for building vocabulary and language skills. 
  • Read poems loudly so that children can understand and relate to the words more effectively. 
  • Conduct activities that include recitation of poems for children. 
  • Encourage children to make art and crafts related to easter eggs and bunnies. 
  • Create poems and ask children to stick them on their wall, coffee mugs, etc. 

Benefits of Learning Easter Poems for Kids 

Here are some advantages of helping children learn and recite Easter poems for kids:

  • Building Vocabulary: Kids learning Easter poems for kids will enable them to explore new words related to the celebration. They can recite words loudly so that kids can understand the pronunciation of the words more clearly. This will help kids to learn new words and use them appropriately in communication. 
  • Developing language skills: With Easter poems, kids will start developing their language skills from an early age. They will learn the structure of sentences in an effective way. 
  • Improving creativity: While reading or writing Easter poems, children will improve their creativity skills. They will start thinking about innovative things, which will make them explore and discover new things.

We hope this Easter poem for kids was useful to you. Check our kids learning section for more poems, activities and other learning resources.

Frequently Asked Questions on Easter Poems for Kids

What are the Easter Poems for Kids?

The Easter Poems for kids are Easter Bunny Nerves, On Easter Day, Easter Bunny, Coloring an Easter Egg, Hunting Easter Egg, etc.

What are the benefits of Easter poems for kids?

The importance of Easter poems for kids is that it helps in exploring new words, formation of sentences, building vocabulary and language skills. Besides this, there is improvement in creativity and imagination among the children.

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