Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and you’ll have to find the perfect gift for your little ones. But picking out the right Easter gifts for kids can be a tough task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you pick the perfect gift that your child will love to find in their basket. 

Jelly beans, chocolates, candies and chocolate eggs are popular gifts for children during Easter. But, if you’re looking for something beyond candy and sugary treats, we’ve got you covered. Here is an ultimate list of Easter gifts for kids that will make the festival more special for them. These thoughtful gifts and keepsakes make the perfect gift that they’ll cherish for years to come.

List of Easter Gifts for Kids

Just like Christmas, kids expect to receive gifts on Easter. Check out this amazing list of Easter gifts for kids that even the Easter Bunny will envy.

  1. Easter Bunny-shaped Soaps: Handmade soaps are a great gift for kids, and if they’re bunny-shaped, kids will love them even more. Buy your little bunny a set of Easter bunny-shaped soaps in different colors. 
  2. Stuffed Bunny: All little children love stuffed animals. So, this Easter, give your little one a stuffed bunny as a gift. Stuffed animals are great to teach important skills to children like responsibility, compassion and kindness. They also encourage pretend play, which boosts the child’s imagination and creativity. 
  3. Easter Bunny Ears Headband: Which child wouldn’t love sporting a pair of bunny ears? Help your child relive their dreams of being the Easter bunny with an Easter bunny ears headband. Your little bunny will love wearing their new bunny ears headband when they go Easter egg hunting.
  4. Bunny Pinata: All children love pinatas and breaking them open. This Easter, give your little one a bunny-shaped pinata. The kids will enjoy beating the pinata to break it and find themselves showered with candies and other sugary treats. This gift also ensures your little bunny gets some exercise while they play.
  5. Easter Egg Basket: Does your little bunny love hunting for Easter eggs? Then an Easter egg basket is the perfect gift for them. The basket is the perfect place to stow all the eggs they collect and can also serve as a place to put other things as well.
  6. Easter Egg Nesting Doll Set: A wooden nesting doll set is a wonderful gift for little children. So, give your little ones a set of Easter egg nesting dolls. The children will have great fun opening each egg to find another inside. 
  7. Bunny Jigsaw Puzzle: A jigsaw puzzle is a perfect gift for little children who love solving puzzles. Give your little one an Easter-themed jigsaw puzzle with images of rabbits, Easter eggs, flowers etc. 
  8. Storybooks: Little children who love to read would love nothing more than to receive storybooks as gifts for Easter. Choose age-appropriate Easter-themed stories like Peter Rabbit, Happy Easter, Biscuit, The Happy Egg etc. These books are a great way to improve your child’s vocabulary and reading skills. Check out these reading games for kids to entice your child to read.
  9. Egg-shaped Bath Bombs: Bath bombs not only make bathtime more fun and magical, but they also help kids learn science. They help children understand the lessons on acid-base reactions. Bunny or egg-shaped bath bombs are one of the best Easter gifts for kids. Want to explore more science experiments on acid-base reactions? Check out this lava lamp experiment for kids.
  10. Easter Craft Kit: Crafting is a great activity for little kids. Not only is it fun, but it’s educational too. So, give your little ones an Easter crafting kit to keep them busy this Easter. These crafts for kids are great to enhance their fine motor skills, imagination and creativity.
  11. Carrot Growing Kit: If there’s one thing an Easter bunny would never say no to, it’s carrots! Teach your little one how to grow carrots by giving them a carrot growing kit. This is one of the best science activities for kids at home to learn more about plants and how they grow.
  12. Slime Eggs: Little kids love playing with slime. Along with being fun, it’s also a great sensory toy for kids. Your little bunnies will have great fun playing with the multi-colored slime inside eggs.
  13. Easter Egg Decorating Kit: Easter egg decorating kits are one of the best Easter gifts for kids. Get your little ones to decorate their own Easter eggs with this fun kit. This kit is a great way to enhance your child’s creativity and artistic skills.
  14. Terrarium Kit: A terrarium is a great gift for children. Help your child build their own terrariums with this amazing Easter gift. It also introduces children to science concepts like plant life and how to look after them.
  15. Easter Coloring Book: Little kids love to color, so an Easter coloring book is one of the best Easter gifts for kids. It also enhances their drawing skills and color recognition skills. Choose books with rabbit coloring pages, Easter eggs coloring pictures etc.
  16. Easter Poems: Easter is the perfect time for some poetry. Make the celebration more fun by reciting some Easter poems for kids. Choose poems that are easy for kids to read and recite on their own.

For more gift guides, activities, games and worksheets to make learning fun for your children, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Easter Gifts for Kids

What makes the best Easter gifts for kids?

The best Easter gifts for kids are those that are fun and make the holiday more memorable for them. It can be something that also helps the children learn essential skills. Chocolate eggs, candies and sugary treats are some popular Easter gifts for little children.

What gifts can you give children for Easter besides chocolate?

Easter storybooks, coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles, stuffed animals, pinatas etc., make great Easter gifts for children.

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