Dog Poems For Kids

Dogs are pet animals and the best buddies of humans. They are extremely loyal and faithful animals. Kids especially love dogs and like to play with them. To enhance their understanding, you can explore dog poems for kids. With this, kids will not only become compassionate towards dogs but also learn new words and formation of sentences more effectively. Check out some of the fun dog poems for kids here. 

In this article, explore Dog Poems For Kids

Best Dog Poems For Kids

Here are some of the fun dog poems for kids mentioned below:

My Dog

    – By Stevan Hanson

My family got a new dog

Its fur is short and white

I absolutely love him

But something is not right.

His ears are soft and long

and flop along the side.

His tail is quite short

But also very wide.

He’s positively quiet 

He never makes a sound

He’s got a real cute jump

When I put him on the ground.

I’m sure when he grows up

He’ll be massively strong.

His favorite food’s carrots

He eats them all day long!

My Puppy Is A Handful

    – By Ann Davies

My puppy is a handful,

so full of energy

she jumps around to greet us

and wags her tail with glee. 

She digs when in the garden,

getting muddy from her head to her toes.

whatever goes on in her mind,

heaven only knows.

She bolts her food so quickly

and barely chews at all

she saves her chewing for the rug,

our shoes and the kitchen wall.

Everyone tells me she will improve,

and I want to believe what they say

so I’m hoping our dear little puppy 

will become docile one day.

We want to create a harmonious home,

so we’ll try exercise, discipline and rest,

and trust that she will calm down

for we can only do our best.

Remember the saying 

Let sleeping dogs lie

Now I have my own puppy

I can understand why!

A Dog For All Seasons

    – By Denise Rodgers

Some like San Diego

where the weather’s always great

I prefer the seasons 

that we have near our great lakes.

In winter, when I walk my dog

it’s freezing, but we go

He sticks his head in snowbanks,

and his facelifts up the snow

when spring is here, the leaves sprout forth

My dog is such a pain

He dashes out and tromps into

the puddles in the rain.

The summer’s warm and humid

and the sun shines hot and bright.

I take my dog out, walking

in the coolness of the night.

when autumn comes, we really like

the brisk October breeze

We crunch the leaves together

as they float down from the trees.

Some, like San Diego

say it has the perfect weather

But we prefer four seasons 

that’s my dog and I together!

It’s Just A Dog

    – By Sadie A. Gibbs

You may be a dog

But to me, you’re more

You’re the light in my fog

You put up with our war.

It’s just a dog

Are the words from someone

Who has never seen fog

And whose wars have not begun.

Through thick and through thin

You’ve stayed by my side

Even when I can’t win

Even when hope has died.

You’re the angel I wished for

You’re the best friend I’ve had

You’re all I wanted and more, 

And I love you like mad. 

Dogs Are My Friends

Dogs are the best buddies,

who like to hug and cuddle. 

They take care of you,

when things are difficult to handle. 

Dogs like to stick around,

with you all the time.

They try to jump on things,

even when it is hard to climb. 

Dogs love eating biscuits and,

anything prepared at home.

They have beautiful fur,

which you like to comb. 

Dogs are most loyal

and trustworthy animal.

They like to react and play 

on things that are musical.

Dogs wait for you 

to reach home. 

They like to take bath 

in a pool with lots of foam. 

Dogs are always there for you

through thick and thin.

Is there anything left 

that you want to begin. 

Tips To Teach Dog Poems For Kids

A few tips to teach dog poems for kids are mentioned below:

  • Introduce poems on different topics related to dogs in their curriculum.
  • Encourage children to recite poems on dogs loudly for better understanding and pronunciation of the words.
  • Encourage children to write poems on the topics that interest them related to dogs and their activities. 
  • Motivate children to read dog poems on a regular basis so that they not only improve their understanding of dogs but also improve their vocabulary. 
  • Encourage children to read and write poems on dogs so that they can become compassionate towards the animal.
  • Use easy and understandable words and sentences in dog poems so that children can grasp the information easily. 

Benefits Of Dog Poems For Kids

Some of the advantages of dog poems for children are mentioned below:

  • Develops reading and writing skills. 
  • Enables children to express their thoughts and ideas more effectively.
  • Boosts confidence and motivation to learn something new. 
  • Develops understanding of rhyming words and their meanings. 
  • Develops creativity and imagination skills among children. 

We hope this article on dog poems for kids was useful to you. Explore a collection of poems at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Dog Poems For Kids

What are dog poems for kids?

Dog poems for kids are the expression of thoughts about the dog and their importance in our lives. Some of the dog poems for kids are My dog, My puppy is a handful, A dog for all seasons, It’s just a dog, etc.

What are the benefits of dog poems for kids?

The benefits of dog poems for kids are that it will help them in expressing their feelings about dogs. Additionally, it will develop good vocabulary and language skills for better communication.