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500 + Words Essay On Culture For Students

Culture is the combination of spiritual and emotional features of a particular set of people. We can say that it defines the identity of a certain group of people. It includes food, dress, arts, culture, literature, language, etc. Besides this, it consists of customs and traditions that are followed and implemented by people from ancient times. Most importantly, it is something that people follow as a community and society.  

This is basically something that every individual needs to follow in the community. It leads to following rules and regulations that are implemented in society. Culture is transferred from one generation to another following the same customs and traditions. A person is identified from their culture and the place they belong to. It is beneficial for the social and emotional well-being of people. In this culture essay, we will discuss the types and importance of cultures in our lives. 

Characteristics of Culture

It is important to understand the fact that culture does not allow us to be isolated from others. It brings people together. They become closer to others by socially interacting with them. Culture is something that we all share, it does not belong to a specific individual. This would include, morals, values, traditions, etc. It is capable of transferring from one generation to another. It is a continuous process that keeps moving forward. Additionally, it adapts to the new changes according to the time and circumstances. 

Types of Culture

Culture is the most integral part of our lives. It is not something that people are born with. But, they inherit the culture by living with a set of communities. Cultures are classified to be materialistic and non-materialistic. Some of the types of cultures are mentioned below: 

  • Art:  Dance, music, painting, etc. 
  • Literature: Stories, drama, poetry, manuscripts, etc. 
  • Spiritual: Prayers, worship, belief, etc. 
  • Behavior: Traditions, myth, customs, etc. 

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Importance of Culture

Although we all live in the modern world, there are customs which we follow from the ancient times. We hold certain values which are morally rich. Most importantly, every culture has its own festivals and traditions that it celebrates and believes in. Culture is dynamically changing according to the environment. But, the essence of the traditions are still maintained. Today, all are connected and trying to adapt to each other’s culture. Have you heard about cultural diversity? It basically means respecting and living together with people from different backgrounds, traditions, languages, interests and skills. Some of the benefits of culture are mentioned below: 

  • It teaches community equality, love and respect towards each other. 
  • It encourages art forms with a wide range of audiences. 
  • It treats all the culture and traditions of people equally. 
  • It helps to understand and exchange ideas with each other. 
  • It helps in respecting and appreciating other cultures. 
  • It allows people from different backgrounds to work together for a common goal. 
  • It supports people to contribute in ways that helps society to grow and flourish.
  • It preserves cultural ideas and traditions. 


Culture is the characteristics of particular people or groups based on their customs, traditions, beliefs, language, etc. We need to respect and appreciate all cultures and traditions for better living. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Culture Essay

What is a culture essay?

It is a short write-up on culture which is a belief and characteristic of a particular set of people.

What are the different types of culture?

The different types of culture include art, traditions, spirituality, customs, religion, literature, etc.

What are the benefits of culture?

The benefits of culture are respect, appreciation, equality, encouragement, sharing ideas, and supporting each other.

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