Construction Paper Crafts For Kids

Juggling between caregiving and work could be extra difficult during the pandemic. You’ll want to make sure your children are ready for their online classes, while at the same time you’ll also have to look after your own work and manage the house. In such cases, you can take construction paper crafts for kids to develop their fine motor skills. Needless to say, there are some interesting construction paper craft ideas for kids available online. 

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What happens after their online classes are done for the day? They usually have a lot of free time. Playing outdoors might not always be a good idea, so children are often left feeling restless at home. Even watching television all day could get exhausting for them. Hence, these construction paper arts and crafts for kids is a boon for them to expand their creativity. Art activities for kids will help them to make anything that they come across in their surroundings. 

A great way to keep your kids occupied is by making construction paper crafts for kids. Not only will it fuel their creativity, but it will also manage to keep them thoroughly entertained. Find some of our top picks of construction paper crafts for kids below. 

7 Easy Construction Paper Crafts For Kids

If you want to engage kids with extra curricular activities, the best thing would be to conduct construction paper crafts for kids at home. There are some amazing construction paper crafts ideas for kids available. Not to forget, investing some time in such activities will create social and emotional bonds with others. You can make craft items from your household materials such as papers, empty carton boxes, straws, threads, etc. Learning crafts will add value to your kids’ learning experience. Your children will love making these construction paper crafts for kids. 

List Of Construction Paper Crafts For Kids 

  • Frozen Ice Painting
  • Materials required:

    • Heavy construction paper/cardstock
    • Water
    • Bowl (microwave-safe)
    • Food coloring
    • Paintbrushes
    • Epsom salt

    Instructions: Heat some water in your microwave, in your bowl. Pour some Epsom salt and food coloring into this hot water. Dip your paintbrush into this mixture and paint your cardstock. You’ll find that after it dries, it almost crystallizes and looks like ice. Once your ‘ice painting’ is done, you could even draw pictures of Disney’s Frozen friends, or simply put stickers all over your construction paper. 

  • Osmo’s Super Studio: Check out Osmo’s Super Studio Frozen 2 game now. Your kids will get to embark on an exciting journey with their favorite Disney characters while bringing their drawings to life. Read on to learn about more easy construction paper crafts for kids.
  • Cat Craft
  • Materials required:

    • Construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue

    Instructions: Here’s one of the most fun and easy construction paper crafts for kids. Start by making your cat’s body with construction paper. It almost looks like the roof of a house. In addition, you could even use a poster board to make your cat stand properly. 

    Once you’re done making the body, draw a cute cat face on another sheet of construction paper, and stick it to the body. In addition to this, cut out a few triangles for the nose, ears, and eyes and stick them on the face of your cat. For the finishing touches, cut out white strips of paper for the whiskers, and you’re done.

  • Ice Cream
  • Materials required:

    • Brown construction paper
    • Tissue
    • Scissors
    • Red button
    • Patterned paper
    • String
    • Tape

    Instructions: Learn how to make construction paper crafts for kids with our help. For this activity, roll your brown construction paper to form a cone shape and secure it with string. Place a tissue paper (crumpled into a ball) right on top of the cone and secure this ‘scoop’ of ice cream by taping patterned paper all over it. Finally, add a red button right on top of your ice cream, to make it resemble a cherry. You could decorate it further with some ‘choco chips’ made of more construction paper.

  • Swirly Flower
  • Materials required:

    • Colored construction paper
    • Green construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue

    Instructions: Cut half a sheet of colored construction paper. (we recommend purple!) Cut this paper along its vertical length into 2-inch-wide strips. Roll each strip to make them ‘swirly’. Next, make a stem for your flower using green construction paper. Make leaves to stick on the stem too. Apply glue to your stem and then stick your swirly-fringed paper. This is one of the most creative construction paper arts and crafts for kids.

  • Medieval Crown
  • Materials required:

    • Yellow or gold construction paper
    • Black construction paper
    • Red crepe paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Tape
    • Hole punch

    Instructions: Need more construction paper craft ideas for kids? We’ve got you covered. For this activity, take a strip of yellow construction paper and glue the ends together to form a circle. Next, cut two strips of black paper and place both strips perpendicular to each other within the first yellow circle. The aim of making this part of the crown is to secure your crown.

    Next, cut 6 more strips of yellow paper and punch a hole at the end of each strip. Glue red crepe paper all around your black head support. Make a yellow cross for your crown topper too. Connect the base of your crown topper to each of the 6 yellow stripes. Once the crown has been fastened, you could decorate it with sequins, glitter, and beads.

  • Paper Ocean
  • Materials required:

    • Chart paper
    • Color papers
    • Color pencils or crayons
    • Scissor
    • Glue

    Instructions: This is quite incredible construction paper crafts for kids where they can make multiple things in order to explore their knowledge. To perform any activity, you have to understand the concept behind it. Similarly, you have to know what are the things found in the ocean that can be made in the form of a craft. To start with, take an A4 size chart paper. Color it using light blue watercolor or crayons. Now, draw a few marine animals found in the ocean such as starfish, fish, octopus, jellyfish, etc. In addition to this, draw corals and a few marine flora. Color and cut all the drawings in its desired shape and paste it on the A4 size chart paper.  

  • Paper Pizza 
  • Materials required: 

    • Brown chart paper
    • Color crepe papers
    • Scissors 
    • Glue 

    Instructions: Do you want to make yummy delicious pizza craft at home? Here are the simple methods to make construction paper crafts for kids. You have to take a brown chart paper and cut it into the shape of a triangle. This is the base of the pizza. You must be curious to add some toppings on top of the pizza. isn’it? Take a few color crepe papers and make onion rings, tomato slices, jalapeno, olives, capsicum and a few cheese cubes as toppings. Add these toppings on top of the base to make it perfect pizza. 

Benefits Of Construction Paper Crafts For Kids

Some of the benefits of construction paper crafts for kids are mentioned below:

  • It is simple and understandable for kids. 
  • Visually appealing crafts.
  • Improves fine motor skills. 
  • Promotes time management, speed and accuracy. 
  • Develops critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
  • Encourages social and emotional bonding among kids. 
  • Learn to follow instructions from others. 
  • Develops creativity and imagination to create something unique. 
  • Improves eye to hand coordination among children. 
  • Helps in expressing their thoughts and feelings with others. 

Try these construction paper crafts for kids and let us know what you think! We’ve got more ideas for fun crafts for kids on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Construction Paper Crafts For Kids

What are some of the Construction Paper Crafts For Kids?

Some of the Construction Paper Crafts For Kids are frozen ice painting, Osmo’s super studio, ice cream crafts, dog crafts, swirly fruits, paper crowns, paper burgers, etc.

Why are Construction Paper Crafts For Kids beneficial?

The Advantages of Construction Paper Crafts For Kids are that they are visually attractive for children, fosters creativity, manages time , accuracy, and speed, and learn to follow instructions properly, improve hand and eye coordination, etc.

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