Connect the Dots Worksheets for Kindergarten

Free Dot to Dot Worksheets

Connect the dots is a super fun and exciting activity for children. They love to use their fingers and pencils to connect the dots and showcase their art by drawing animals, flowers, cartoon characters, fruits and much more! 

In dot-to-dot worksheets, kids need to connect the dots as per the numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. consecutively. 

Similarly, they might be required to connect alphabets in the correct order to bring out the image on that worksheet. 

Some other times, they might just have to trace and connect the consecutive dots.

But, what are the merits of solving dot-to-dot worksheets? Let’s have a look:

Benefits of Connect the Dots worksheets:

  • Kids develop sound hand-eye coordination.
  • These worksheets help them revise alphabets and numbers.
  • They get to improve their drawing skills.
  • Connect the dots worksheets are also a great way to keep kids’ minds active and engaged. 
  • These worksheets refine kids’ imagination and creativity.
  • Dot-to-dot worksheets also hone their problem-solving skills. 

Offered below are dot-to-dot worksheets on a lion, elephant, Halloween special characters, St Patrick’s Day special and much more. So, stay tuned. 

Connect the Dots Worksheets for Kids

  1. Connect the dots to make a Lion:
  2. Lions are one of the most dreaded and powerful animals. 

    Given here is an impressive dot-to-dot lion for kids which they can draw and color with the relevant shades.

    Connect the Dots Worksheets 1
  3. Dot-to-dot Elephant:
  4. Elephants are adored by each one of us. These cute big creatures are usually very calm and children love watching them.

    Given below is an exciting dot-to-dot elephant for your little ones that they will love to connect and color. 

    Connect the Dots Worksheets 2
  5. OSMO’s Halloween Special:
  6. Bring out the artist in you and connect these dots on the linked article to reveal one of the cool OSMO cartoon characters from the Detective Agency game!

  7. Dinosaur connect-the-dots worksheet
  8. Children are always enthralled when they listen to stories or watch movies on extinct animals – dinosaurs.

    Let them connect the dots and draw their own dinosaur in the below provided dinosaur worksheet.

    Connect the Dots Worksheets 3
  9. St Patrick’s Day exclusive dot-to-dot Worksheet
  10. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated with immense zeal and fun. Let your kids enjoy this St Patrick’s Day special shamrock given below. 

    Connect the Dots Worksheets 4

    For other activities and crafts on St Patrick’s Day, click on the linked article. 

  11. Draw and Color Flower
  12. Flowers fill our environment with vibrant colors and pleasing fragrances. Here is a cute flower worksheet in which kids have to connect the dots, draw the flower and color it with their most favourite colors!

    Connect the Dots Worksheets flower

  13. Connect the dots worksheet: Fruits
  14. If we are asked, “Which is your favorite fruit?” most of us would respond “Mango is my favorite fruit.”

    Children too are fond of mangoes and here we are with a simple Mango connect the dots worksheet. Kids can draw and color the image with bright yellow-orange (for the mango) and lush green (for the leaves)!

    Connect the Dots Worksheets 6

We hope that your kid loves to try his/her hands on these super exciting dot-to-dot worksheets.

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