Concrete Poems For Kids

Concrete poems are the expression of information in the form of a shape.  The words or sentences used to express your thoughts take the shape of an object or a thing. For example, you can make an outline of a star and fill the words within its defined lines to give a proper shape to the information that you’re writing. The visual representation will help children to develop interest in learning poetry. To enhance your child’s creativity and vocabulary skills, you can explore concrete poems for kids. Check out some of the best concrete poems for kids here. 

In This Article, Explore Concrete Poems For Kids

Best Concrete Poems For Kids

Here are some of the famous concrete poems for kids mentioned below: 


    – By Kit Kittelstad

“ Christmastime is near.

Soon, we’ll wrap the house in lights

And watch it sparkle in delight.

Oh! How I love this time of year!

I mailed my list to Santa.

I just know he’s going to grant me my one and only wish,

A pup named Trevor who will stay with me forever.”


    – Carol Coven Grannick

















The Mouse’s Tale

    – By Lewis Carroll

“ Fury said to a mouse, 

That he met in the house,

‘Let us both go to law:

I will prosecute you-

Come, I’ll take no denial;

We must have a trial: 

For really this morning I’ve nothing to do.’

Said the mouse to the fury,

‘Such a trial dear sir,

With no jury or judge,

Would be wasting our breath,

‘ I’ll be judge, I’ll be jury,

Said cunning old fury,

‘ I’ll try the whole cause,

And condemn you to death. 

The Pillar Of Fame

    – Robert Herrick

Fames pillar here, at last, we set,

Out during marble, brasse, or jet,

Charm’d and enchanted, so, 

As to withstand the blow

Of overthrow: 

Nor shall the seas,

Or outrages

Of storms orebear

What we up-rear,

Tho kingdoms fal,

This pillar never shall 

Decline or waste at all;

But stand for ever by his owne

Firme and well fixt foundation. 


    – By Jennifer Betts

See the star

It shines so bright 

It twinkles and glitters

Through the night

The shining stars

Make you want to take flight.


    – By M. Hogan


Is a deep, dark red

It sounds like chants

Pounding in my nervous ears

“Strike!!” and “ Hey, Batter Batter!!”

It tastes like dust in my dry mouth

Smells like old sneakers and sweat

And looks like raw stitches on a 

Hard, spinning white ball

It makes me want 

To run home. 

How To Teach Concrete Poems For Kids

A few tips to teach concrete poems for kids are mentioned below: 

  • Select the topics and information on the shape that you want to write about. 
  • Choose a shape which attracts the attention of kids to read and write poems. Most probably, you can choose the shape of an apple, star, leaves, mouse, beans, etc. 
  • Draw an outline of a shape on the paper with the help of a pencil that you want to represent.
  • Write short poems on a sheet of paper on the topic of your choice. 
  • Start filling the words within the defined lines of the shape. Do not make it too lengthy that it finds it difficult to take the shape. 
  • Depending on the shape, you can use a smaller or bigger font keeping in mind that the information you write is visible. 

We hope these concrete poems for kids were useful to you. Explore a collection of poems at Osmo to enhance your kids’ learning experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Concrete Poems For Kids

What are concrete poems for kids?

Concrete poems for kids are the expressions of information in the form of a shape. Some well-known poems for kids are Christmastime, Yum, The Mouse Tail’s , The Pillar Of Fame, Stars, Baseball, etc.

What are the tips to write concrete poems for kids?

A few tips to write concrete poems for kids are that they should select shapes that are easy and engaging. Kids should make sure that the information that they write must fit into the shape properly. Additionally, the font size of the words should be dependent on the shape and the information that you’re filling.