Color By Number Worksheets

Free Downloadable Color By Number Worksheets

Creative learning is one of the best ways for educational and cognitive development of children. You might have seen how your child gets excited to learn when something fascinating happens. Obviously, it is related to arts and crafts where they are surrounded by colors and beautiful images. Similarly, color by number worksheets is one of the best methods to involve your child in developing critical thinking skills. You might have come across alphabet coloring pages where kids recognise and recite the alphabet by coloring. However, there are also free color by number worksheets for kids available online. We can say that it kind of helps in recognition of numbers and colors. 

The color by number worksheets for kindergarten kids is extremely beneficial in terms of learning numbers as well as differentiating the colors. Don’t you think it’s quite amazing to see kids learn and have fun at the same time. Therefore, you can download printable color by number worksheets for kids so that they can love coloring the shade matching with the numbers. Apart from this, teach number chart 1-20 to the kids so that they recognise the number and color the assigned region. 

Free Printable Color By Number Worksheets For Kindergarten

Some of the examples of free color by number worksheets for kids are as follows:

Color by number worksheet of Candy

Color By Number Worksheets 01

Color by number worksheet of Bus

Color By Number Worksheets 04

Color by number worksheet of Burger

Color By Number Worksheets 03

Color by number worksheet of Bird

Color By Number Worksheets 02

Tips For Using Color By Number Worksheets

Some of the tips for using color by number worksheets for kindergarten kids are mentioned below:

  • Select worksheet consisting of attractive images and graphics.
  • Choose images which are easy for your kids to understand. 
  • Allow your child to color as per their own convenience. 
  • Download different types of images to color. 
  • Encourage your child to learn numbers and differentiate the colors. 
  • Ask your child to recite the numbers and the different names of the colors.
  • Select different types of themes for color by number worksheets. 
  • Assign keys to make sure which color should be used in the specified area. 
  • Arrange the numbers randomly on the worksheet so that kids can color the areas accordingly.
  • Use more bright colored pencils or crayons.
  • Make sure the image or picture is clear and visible to the kids. 

Color By Number Worksheets For Preschool

Does your child recognise the number or the colors? If not, then you must think about planning an activity that encourages your child to learn and at the same time have fun. Kids at this age are very curious to know about everything surrounding them. Why not take this opportunity to teach kids about numbers and colors before they join kindergarten. Therefore, color by number worksheets for preschoolers are the best way to teach number recognition and differentiation of colors. With this, kids will have a chance or opportunity to develop their fine motor skills. Besides this, math activities for preschoolers is an excellent way to teach numbers in a most interesting way. By using color by number worksheets, kids will become proficient in understanding different colors and learning to follow the instructions. To learn math, color by number worksheets are freely available for kids online. 

What are the benefits of using free color by number worksheets?

The benefits of using color by number worksheets for kindergarten are as follows:

  1. Develops interests in learning mathematics.
  2. Encourages kids to actively participate in counting activities for preschoolers.
  3. Develops a sense of accomplishment after successfully coloring the correct number. 
  4. Understands the basic concept of recognising the numbers. 
  5. Easily retain numbers and the names of the colors in the memory for a longer period of time.
  6. Encourages children to learn counting at their own pace. 
  7. Kids will learn new words such as tree, christmas, halloween, kite, etc while coloring. 
  8. Kids will learn to follow instructions by practicing worksheets. 
  9. Engages kids for longer periods of time with fun and interactive activities. 
  10. Kids will understand the meaning of symbols while coloring worksheets. 

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