Christmas Printables

Christmas is just around the corner, and kids are busy getting their list of gifts ready for Santa. As fun and joyful the holiday season is, it’s quite stressful for parents. There’s a ton of work to be done from buying gifts, sending season’s greetings and preparing Christmas special dishes. Having an energetic child at home during this time can be a recipe for disaster. One of the best ways to keep kids entertained and out of your hair is by giving them Christmas printables.

Christmas printables include free, printable worksheets, crafts and activities, which keep kids occupied during the holidays. Along with being engaging and fun, these printables are also a great source of learning for children. The kids get to learn subjects like math, English and science. Additionally, these Christmas printables also boost their creativity and imagination. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas-themed printables to keep kids entertained and busy over the holidays.

Fun Christmas Printables for Kids

Fun games, activities and worksheets for kids are the best way to keep kids entertained during the holidays. These printables include fun coloring sheets, math practice problems, trivia questions, Christmas words, word puzzles, crafts etc. And the best part, these printables are a wonderful activity for children of all ages. Here are some fun Christmas printables for kids:

List of Christmas Printables for Kids

  • Christmas crossword puzzles for kids
Christmas crossword puzzle printable
Christmas Printables

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  • Christmas word search puzzles
Christmas Printables
Christmas Printables

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  • Christmas multiplication worksheets
Christmas Printables
Christmas Printables

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  • Christmas math worksheets

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Christmas Printables
Christmas Printables

Other Christmas-themed Printable Activities for Kids

Looking for more Christmas-themed printable activities to keep kids busy over the holidays? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some other wonderful and unique Christmas-themed printable activities to keep your little elves busy.

  1. A paper Christmas tree: Building a paper Christmas tree is one of the best crafts for kids for Christmastime. All you need to do is download a Christmas tree printable and get your kids working on it.
  2. Felt paper reindeer antlers: Which kid wouldn’t like to sport a cute set of reindeer antlers on their head? Download a printable and get your kids to build their reindeer antlers. Then ask them to decorate it and wear their creations proudly.
  3. Angel wings: Most little girls and boys would love to sport a set of angel wings. Help them craft one for themselves by downloading an angel wings printable.
  4. Santa’s beard advent calendar: Making a calendar to mark the days leading up to Christmas is a wonderful activity for little kids. Download a printable for Santa’s face and beard and help your kids craft a wonderful advent calendar.
  5. Christmas treasure hunt: This is a wonderful game to help your little ones expend some of their excess energy. Download a printable map and let your little ones have fun with a Christmas-themed treasure hunt.
  6. Christmas-themed coloring pages: Coloring and drawing are one among a child’s favorite pastimes. So, hand your little ones some printable Christmas-themed coloring pages to keep them busy for a few hours.
  7. Christmas-themed find the difference: Finding the difference between the images is a wonderful activity to keep kids occupied. Download some printable Christmas-themed find the difference cards and give them to your kid to keep them engaged.
  8. Snowman ornaments: Crafting ornaments is a wonderful activity for kids during the holidays. Download a snowman ornament printable and get your kids to craft a wonderful ornament to hang on the tree.

Benefits of Christmas Printables

Kids are full of energy and super excited around the holidays. With school closed for the holidays, they have no outlet for all that excess energy. Most parents usually have their plates full over the holiday season with cooking, cleaning, decorating and entertaining. The easiest way to keep kids busy over the holidays is to engage them with Christmas-themed printables and activities. Here are some other ways that Christmas printables are beneficial for your child:

  • Christmas-themed printables keep kids occupied and are a great way to help kids expend their energy.
  • These fun activities and worksheets help them learn several skills like fine motor skills, thinking skills etc.
  • They boost the child’s imagination and creativity.
  • They keep children engaged in the learning process even during the holidays.
  • They improve the child’s vocabulary and communication skills along with their knowledge of math, science and language.
  • They help kids get into the holiday spirit.

For More Christmas Printables, Explore,

As with all holidays, the days leading up to Christmas are also rife with opportunities for activities and games that help your little ones learn. From scavenger hunts to Christmas cooking and baking, decorating the tree etc., there are tons of things you can do with your little one. And each of these activities will keep your little angel busy and learn something new, while they have fun. 

Christmas is a holiday full of great fun, food, family and friends, not stress and worry. Free printables and worksheets like Christmas printables and St. Patrick’s day printables help you and your child to have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday. So, put your worries aside and hand your child some Christmas printables to help them have fun and stay busy. 

We hope you and your child enjoyed these Christmas printables. Check Osmo for more activities, games and worksheets to aid in your kids learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Printables

What are Christmas printables?

Christmas-themed printables are worksheets, activities, crafts and games that keep kids occupied and entertained during the holidays.

How do Christmas-themed printables help kids?

Christmas-themed printables keep kids busy and out of trouble over the holidays. Additionally, they also help children learn several skills and keep them engaged in the learning process.