Christmas Party Games: Explore Family Christmas Games

Christmas is around the corner, and an entertaining party is what kids look forward to. Little ones eagerly wait for the Christmas holidays so that they can enjoy and spend quality time with their friends and family. Kids love partying, and playing games adds a fun element to their celebrations. Attending a Christmas party enables children to mingle with other people and develop social skills from an early age. They can interact with other children and learn something from them. You can make the Christmas party lively and entertaining by conducting fun activities for kids at home. Before that, it is better to choose the right Christmas party games for kids. You can explore fun family Christmas games in this article. 

20 Best Christmas Ideas for Kids 

Choosing Christmas party games for kids must be based on their age and preferences. The most important thing to remember is to give personalized gifts to the winners. You can give gifts to all the kids for participation and some special ones for the winners. Conducting party games is one of the best Christmas activities for kids. Explore Christmas party games for kids to help them build memories for a lifetime. You need to ensure that kids enjoy every moment at the party. Include delicious food items, decorate the house with a red and white color theme, make a comfortable seating arrangement, conduct fun party games etc., for the Christmas party. Check out some fun Christmas game ideas for kids given below. 

Fun Christmas Games for Kids

Below are a few family Christmas games for kids. 

  1. Guess the object: In this game, all you have to do is take a stocking, fill a few things inside and tie a ribbon around it so that no one can remove it. Make kids sit in a circle and ask them to touch the stocking and write their guesses on paper. Then, pass the stocking to the other kids sitting adjacent to them. The person who guesses the maximum number of correct answers wins. 
  2. Stack up: In this game, you should divide kids into two groups. Then, call each group member to stack up cups one above the other within a given timeframe. The ones with a maximum height of cups will win. You also must ensure that the cups stay intact. Also, explore Christmas toys for kids
  3. Christmas mad libs: In this game, you have to print a story on a sheet of paper. You must write the story in such a way that a few words of the story are left blank. Then, one player who has no idea about the story will fill in the blanks with nouns, adjectives, or any other term they feel is relevant to the story. Finally, the other player has to read the story aloud and find out how the story turned out hilarious. 
  4. Christmas Pictionary: In this game, you must assign a word to kids. They must illustrate the words assigned to them on the board. The team members of the participant must guess the word illustrated on the board. For example, you can ask kids to draw words related to Christmas themes, such as Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree, Christmas bell, etc. The team guessing the maximum number of words will win. 
  5. Christmas Charades: In this game, you must assign a word to kids, and they must enact it in front of their team members. The team members of the participant must guess the word correctly. If they are successful in guessing the word correctly, they will score a point. The game will continue until everyone in the team gets a chance to enact. 
  6. Pin the nose on Rudolph: In this game, all you have to do is draw a Rudolph on a sheet of paper and paste it on the wall. Then, blindfold the children and ask them to pin the nose of Rudolph illustrated on the paper. You can mark their attempt by writing the name on the spot. The ones with accurate pinning will win the game. 
  7. Shake the ping pong balls: In this game, you have to take an empty tissue box filled with ping pong balls. Tie the tissue box with the help of a velcro belt on someone’s back. Then, ask them to shake the tissue paper in such a way that all the balls inside the box fall. The ones with the least number of ping pong balls inside the tissue box will win. 
  8. Play naughty or nice: In this game, you must keep a bowl of red and green candies in a room. Then, ask the kids to divide the candies into two bowls labeled as naughty and nice. The former is red, and the latter is green. The ones who separate the green and red candies in equal amounts within the given timeframe will win. 
  9. Stuff the marshmallows: In this game, you have to ask kids to stuff marshmallows in their mouths and see how many they can fit in. The ones with more marshmallows inside their mouth will win.
  10. Play Christmas word scramble: In this game, you can provide kids with a printable word search. Kids must rearrange the jumbled words mentioned on the sheet, for example, E N O G G G, R G I C N H, S O K T C N I G, etc. The answer is eggnog, grinch, stocking, etc. The ones with the maximum number of correct answers will win the game. Also, explore Christmas word search for kids. 
  11. Christmas trivia game: In this game, you must create trivia questions on Christmas for kids. You can divide the kids into two groups and keep a buzzer in front of them. Then, ask them questions about Christmas celebrations. The team pressing the buzzer first will answer the question. And the team with the maximum number of points will win the game. Also, explore Christmas trivia questions for kids
  12. Guess who game: In this game, you should ask kids specific questions about the family members. For example, what is the favorite Christmas dessert of your mother? Who decorates the house during Christmas? Who prepares cookies on Christmas? You can ask kids such questions, and you might receive unexpected answers from them. The ones with correct answers will win the game. 
  13. Christmas dance: In this game, you can turn on the Christmas music and allow the kids to dance. Then, you can turn off the music when you think they are on high energy. The ones standing still will remain in the group, and the ones still moving will be out. The game will continue until you find the last person standing still when you turn off the music. 
  14. Guess the gifts: In this game, all you have to do is ask kids to guess the gifts you keep near the Christmas tree. They can shake, move or try to hear the sounds of the gift box in order to guess the gifts. If they are successful in guessing the gifts, it’s all there’s. Also, explore Christmas gifts for kids
  15. Play heads up: In this game, you must paste a flashcard consisting of any famous Christmas character’s name on the head, for example, Rudolph, Reindeer, Santa Claus, etc. The others in the group will help the participant to guess the name of the character mentioned on the flashcard. They can act or give some clues to help the player identify the character’s name. This game can be extremely fun and entertaining for kids. 
  16. Play Christmas bingo: In this game, you can help little ones play Christmas movie bingo with their family members. You can provide them with a bingo card containing famous dialogues from Christmas movies. Then, you can call out the name of movies, and kids must mark the dialogue from that particular movie. The ones guessing all the dialogues will win. 
  17. Christmas smell game: In this game, you need to keep a few things, such as peppermint, marshmallows, candy cane, etc., inside the jar or a plate. Then, you can blindfold kids and ask them to guess the food items by smelling them. The ones with the correct answers will win the game. 
  18. Make a gingerbread house: In this game, divide the groups into two or three. Ask them to make a gingerbread house that they think is famous. You can help kids in baking their gingerbread houses. The team with a similar structure to the house they are making will win. Also, explore Christmas crafts for kids
  19. Hunt candy cane: In this game, you must hide candy canes in different corners of the house. Kids must hunt candy canes in every corner of the house. The ones with the maximum number of candy canes within a given timeframe will win the game. 
  20. Decorate cookies: In this game, you have to ask kids to decorate cookies on Christmas themes. For example, they can decorate cookies by making Santa Claus, stockings, reindeer, etc. You can provide them with the necessary ingredients for the decoration, such as cream, sprinklers, nuts, etc.

Also, explore Christmas crossword puzzles for kids. 

Tips for Conducting Christmas Party Games for Kids

A few tips for conducting Christmas party games for children are mentioned below. 

  • Seek children’s input and suggestions while planning Christmas party games for kids. 
  • Encourage kids to come up with innovative Christmas party ideas. 
  • Ask family members to participate in Christmas party games along with the kids. 
  • Plan easy and entertaining games for children. 
  • Make sure you involve everyone in the party to play games so that no one feels left out. 
  • Explain to kids the rules and regulations of each game. 
  • Prioritize high-energy games at the beginning of the party. 
  • Give exciting prizes or gifts to the winners. 

We hope this article on Christmas party games helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, worksheets for kids, and words for kids section at Osmo.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Party Games

What are some popular Christmas party games?

Some popular Christmas party games for kids are; Christmas charades, the scavenger hunt, pin the nose Rudolph, stuff the marshmallows, hunt candy cane, etc.

What are some tips for conducting Christmas party games?

A few tips for conducting Christmas party games for kids are to keep children’s age and interests in mind before planning Christmas games. Besides this, they need to include family members in the game, make games fun and entertaining and explain the rules of the game effectively to children.