Christmas Charades List: Christmas Charades Ideas

Have your children ever participated in a charades game? If not, Christmas is the best time to introduce this game to kids. Playing Christmas charades enables children to learn new things while having fun. It is needless to say that charades are one of the most entertaining games for children. Most importantly, it enhances children’s communication skills. Learning Christmas words will help them upgrade their knowledge about the festival effectively. The player in this game has to enact without speaking a word or lip-syncing. It is all about how to act and express yourself to others clearly. You can successfully conduct the game by exploring the Christmas Charades list of words or phrases related to the celebration. Let us explore Christmas charades ideas for kids in this article. 

Christmas Charades Word List for Kids

Charades is a fun game where a person tries to enact the words assigned to them. For example, Santa Claus, reindeer, jingle bell, etc. The other person must guess the word based on the performance of the player. This is one of the best Christmas activities for kids at home. You can include as many family members as you want in the game. Also, you can download a Christmas charades list for kids to assign words related to the festive season. A Christmas charades word list for kids is given below. 

Snow Elf 
Christmas treeSugar Plum 
Eggnog Frosty the Snowman
The Nutcracker Feast 
Snowball Fight Hanging Stocking
Christmas Shopping Wreath 
Gingerbread HouseDecorating the Christmas Tree
Cookies and MilkSleigh 
CandleThe North Pole 
Christmas Pudding Christmas Bonus
Poinsettia Wrapping the Present 
Roasting ChestnutThe Grinch 
Letter to Santa Home Alone 

Christmas Charades Ideas for Kids

You can explore the Christmas charades list of words for kids before conducting the game. Also, you can teach them the rules before playing the game so that they can understand and play it effectively. You can explore words, phrases, movie names or any information related to Christmas for conducting charades. It would be great if you could download a printable Christmas charades list of words for kids to teach them new vocabulary terms. Find out the materials required and how to play the charades given below. 

Materials Required

  • A timer 
  • A paper 
  • A pencil
  • A bowl

How to Play Christmas Charades?

Below are a few steps on how to play charades for Christmas. 

  • Divide the team into two. 
  • Write the words or phrases on paper and cut them into pieces. 
  • Choose someone to track the performance and keep note of the scores. 
  • Keep all the cut-outs of words or phrases in a bowl. 
  • Ask kids from any teams to pick up the cut-outs from the bowl. 
  • They must read the word and keep the cut-outs to themselves. 
  • Set the time on the timer and ask them to enact the word assigned to them in front of their team members. 
  • They must remember that they cannot speak or give any clue to their team members. 
  • The members of the participant team will score a point if the participant successfully guesses the word. 
  • Repeat the game until you find the winning team based on the number of correct guesses. 

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Benefits of Learning the Christmas Charades List for Kids

The benefits of learning the Christmas charades list of words for kids are given below. 

  • It helps children think outside the box and come up with logical answers. 
  • It develops non-verbal communication skills in children. 
  • It improves children’s vocabulary knowledge. 
  • It enables children to understand the terms related to Christmas celebrations. 
  • It strengthens social skills in children. 
  • It develops critical thinking and analytical skills in children. 
  • It creates a fun and entertaining learning environment for children. 
  • It develops a healthy competitive spirit in children. 
  • It forms a strong bonding among children. 
  • It helps children understand the concept well. 
  • It sparks creative thinking skills in children. 

We hope this article on the Christmas Charades list helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, worksheets for kids, and words for kids section at Osmo.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Charades List

What are some Christmas charades list of words for kids?

A few Christmas charades list of words for kids are; Gingerbread Shopping, the North Pole, Snowball Fight, The Grinch, Christmas Pudding, Roasting Chestnut, etc.

What are the benefits of learning the Christmas charades list for kids?

The benefit of learning a Christmas charades list for kids is that it helps them acquire vocabulary knowledge by participating in the game. Most importantly, kids will understand and remember the words related to Christmas in a fun way.