Butterfly Poems For Kids

Butterflies are beautiful and colorful insects. These creatures with beautiful wings undergo four stages in their life cycle – egg, larva, pupa and mature adult. Butterflies are the most beautiful looking creatures in the world. They like to collect nectar from flowers. Help your little ones learn to appreciate these wonderful creatures using poems for kids like butterfly poems for kids. This will help them learn new words, develop a good vocabulary and language skills. Check out some famous butterfly poems for kids here. 

Famous Butterfly Poems For Kids

List of Butterfly Poems For Kids

Here are a few beautiful butterfly poems for kids.

  1. Butterfly, Lend Me Your Wings, I Pray
  2. By Annette Wynne

    Butterfly, lend me your wings, I pray,

    Lend me your wings for a golden day,

    I would fly over the bush and tree,

    Over the children that play with me.

    The butterfly lent me his wings, but I

    Stayed right on the ground- I could not fly;

    My feet were heavy, my head would fall, 

    Butterfly, I cannot fly at all!

    Butterfly, butterfly, take your wings,

    I must go walking like other things,

    Butterfly, take back your wings again,

    And I shall run after you through the glen.

  3. Butterfly
  4. By Paul Peterzell

    How graceful,

    Fluttering before me,

    Butterfly lands,

    Colorful as can be.

    Adorning a rose petal,

    Sun glistening so bright 

    A butterfly journey,

    Seems like a rather quick flight.

    Wing span so wide,

    Resting as they do,

    A treat to our senses,

    A color fest does ensue.

    Spotting a new one, 

    Blending with the tree,

    A difficult task,

    Sometimes hard to see.

    A delight in the air,

    Flying in pairs, 

    So glad I witnessed,

    With so many wide stares. 

  5. The Butterfly
  6. By Margaret Rose

    I know a little butterfly with tiny golden wings,

    He plays among the summer flowers and up and down he swings,

    He dances on their honey cups so happy all the day,

    And then he spreads his tiny wings and softly flies away.

  7. Life Like A Butterfly
  8. By Catherine Pulsifer

    We look and see the butterfly

    Its beauty seems to multiply

    When the sun hits it wings

    Amazing colors it does brings.

    Oh how fun it would be 

    To be a butterfly so free

    But what I do not see

    Is the difficulties.

    You see life is not easy

    It is not all dreamy

    The butterfly has struggles

    In the cocoon, there can be trouble.

    He must persevere to get out

    It is up to him he has no clout

    He must not give up

    If so, he will not develop.

    Just like the life we live

    We must put life in perspective

    We all face challenges we must overcome

    And when we do, life is awesome!

    So when you see the butterfly 

    Remember for life you must apply

    The very best that you can be

    And you will find life to be happy.

  9. The Butterfly
  10. By Pavel Friedmann

    The last, the very last,

    So richly, brightly, dazzling yellow.

    Perhaps if the sun’s tear would sing against a white stone.

    Such, such a yellow

    Is carried lightly way up high

    It went away I’m sure because it wished to 

    Kiss the world goodbye.

    For seven weeks I’ve lived in here,

    Penned up inside his ghetto

    But I have found my people here

    The dandelions call to me

    And the white chestnut candles in the court

    Only I saw another butterfly.

    That butterfly was the last one,

    Butterflies don’t live in here, 

    In the ghetto.

  11. A Butterfly Talks
  12. By Annette Wynne

    A butterfly talks to each flower

    And stops to think and drink,

    And I have seen one lightning

    In a quiet spot to think,

    For there are many things he sees that puzzle him, indeed,

    And I believe he thinks as well as some who write and read. 

  13. Pretty Butterfly
  14. By Althea Randolph

    Flitter, flutter, go your wings,

    Pretty butterfly;

    You will never play with me;

    Won’t you tell me why?

    If I had a pair of wings

    On my back like you.

    Do you think you’d love me more?

    Tell me, is this true?

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Frequently Asked Questions On Butterfly Poems For Kids

What are butterfly poems for kids?

Butterfly poems for kids are the expression of thoughts about the beauty of butterflies. Some well-known poems on butterflies are Butterfly, The Butterfly, Life Like A Butterfly, A Butterfly Talks, etc.

What are the benefits of butterfly poems for kids?

The benefits of butterfly poems for kids are that it helps them to understand the world of butterflies and their characteristics. Most importantly, kids will learn new words to develop better language skills.