BMI Chart For Kids

BMI is the measurement of body mass of a person based on their height and weight. Depending on your body mass, you can assess the health of the person whether they are obese, overweight or underweight. To track your child’s body mass, you can explore the BMI Chart for kids. These charts for kids will help you in assessing your child’s BMI depending on their height and weight. You can download a free printable BMI chart for kids available here. 

In This Article, Explore BMI Chart For Kids

BMI is calculated against the percentiles for children of the same age and gender. If your child has less than 5th percentile, they are categorized as underweight, 5th to 84th percentile is healthy weight, 85th to 95th percentile is overweight and above 95th percentile is considered to be obese. To assess your child’s growth, you can use a BMI Chart for kids. 

Free Printable BMI Chart For Kids

Tracking the BMI of your child helps you with their regular health check ups. By calculating body mass index, you can categorize children as underweight, overweight and obesity. Also, we need to note the fact that the BMI of boys and girls vary. You can calculate your child’s BMI using their height and weight. Based on the results, you can plan effective nutrition for your child. Here is a BMI Chart for kids to track their body mass. 

Check your child’s BMI from the given BMI chart

BMI Chart For Kids

Tips For Using BMI Chart For Kids

A few tips to use BMI chart for your child are mentioned below:

  • Use a simple and understandable BMI chart for your child.
  • Track body mass index of your child on a regular basis.
  • Calculate the BMI of your child using their height and weight.
  • Understand the BMI percentile range of your child in order to assess their body mass. 
  • Plan strategies for increasing your child’s health based on the results of the BMI.
  • Make a proper diet plan for your child if they fall under overweight, underweight or obese category. 

Benefits Of BMI Chart For Kids

Some of the benefits of BMI Chart for kids are mentioned below:

  • Tracks the body mass index of your child.
  • Categorizes the children as healthy weight, overweight and underweight based on their BMI.
  • Enables children to have regular body check ups on a regular basis.
  • Enables effective planning of diet and nutrition of your child. 
  • Reduces the risk of developing illness or diseases. 
  • Incorporates balanced diet in their meals.
  • Motivates children to regularly exercise for a healthy body and mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions On BMI Chart For Kids

What is a BMI chart for kids?

BMI Chart for kids is a way to measure body fat using height and weight. Depending on the body mass index, children can be categorized as healthy, overweight, underweight or obese.

What are the benefits of a BMI chart for kids?

The benefits of a BMI chart for kids are that it helps you to assess your child’s body mass. This will enable you to keep track of their health and plan a balanced diet. Most importantly, it will enable you to reduce the risk of developing any health issues among children.

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