What Are The Best Ways to Learn Math?

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In this article, explore 4 Best Ways to Learn Math, According to Research. Although learning math facts are important, memorization and tests aren’t the best ways to go about it. 

Research says these are the 4 best ways to learn math:

  • Develop number sense:
  • Encourage students to use numbers flexibly. instead of telling them to rely on rote memory to solve 7 X 8, help them come up with a strategy to solve the problem.

    When children learn to interact with numbers, they’ll find math less intimidating.

  • Don’t put kids under time pressure:
  • Research has shown that even the most high-achieving students can’t perform well under time pressure. Their working memory gets blocked, causing them to often forget the math facts they learned. Also, explore Math Facts Games.

  • Make math a unique learning experience:
  • For example, a subject such as English needs a different teaching approach. Students just need to read and understand words without having to memorize or test them, like they would for math. Explore, Math For Kids.

  • Use hands-on activities: 
  • When provided with hands-on activities, students displayed an active interest in math. They were able to find a connection between symbolic and visual representations of numbers. This, in turn, deepened their learning.

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