Bedtime Poems For Kids

Parents can introduce bedtime poems to kids so that they can sleep peacefully with positive thoughts. Besides this, kids will pick up words and phrases while listening to these poems for kids repeatedly. They can relax their mind and reflect on good things while sleeping. Most importantly, reading bedtime poems for kids will help them develop good vocabulary and language skills. Check out some interesting bedtime poems for kids here. 

List Of Bedtime Poems For Kids

Beautiful Bedtime Poems For Kids

Here are a few famous bedtime poems for kids that will help your child fall asleep peacefully. 

  1. Minnie And Winnie
  2. By Alfred Tennyson

    Minnie and Winnie slept in a shell.

    Sleep, little ladies! And they slept well.

    Pink was the shell within, silver without;

    Sounds of the great sea wandered about.

    Sleep, little ladies! Wake not soon!

    Echo on echo dies to the moon.

    Two bright stars peeped into the shell.

    “What are they dreaming of? Who can tell?

    Started a green linnet out of the croft;

    Wake, little ladies! The sun is aloft.

  3. Let’s All Go To The Moon
  4. By H.L. Dowless

    We once sang a sweet song

    In the merry month of June,

    “Oh come with me to the 

    Valley of the moon!”

    We shall travel about in clothes

    Of golden sand,

    If you will just give me your 

    Precious little hand. 

    Oh come now, 

    Let’s go to the moon!

    In those shaded craters

    We shall forever swing

    From a beautiful hand stitched 

    Hammock that I thought to bring!

    Can you come with me to the valley

    Of the moon?

    In the sands of shining gold

    We’ll all happily dance, 

    Where only sunbeams 

    And angels have pranced!

    We will sit about 

    In the cool shade and shadows,

    Eating manna from the fairies 

    In the valleys!

    Oh please now,

    Do come to the moon!

    Oh can you see there,

    My dear child, oh look!

    Where the old man’s left eye is,

    We will be!

    All of us forever merry,

    Like a portrait in a book!

    Oh please now,

    Let’s go to the moon!

    Yes you, yes me

    All of us and the whole family, 

    Do come now, 

    Let’s go away soon. 

  5. Goodnight
  6. By Jane and Ann Taylor

    Little baby, lay your head

    On your pretty cradle bed;

    Shut your eye-peeps, now the day

    And the light are gone away;

    All the clothes are tucked in tight;

    Little baby dear, good night.

    Yes, my darling, well I know,

    How the bitter wind doth blow;

    And the winter’s snow and rain

    Patter on the window-pane:

    But they cannot come in here,

    To my little baby dear.

    For the window shutteth fast,

    Till the stormy night is past;

    And the curtains warm are spread

    Round about her cradle bed:

    So till morning shineth bright 

    Little baby dear, good night!

  7. Bedtime
  8. By George MacDonald

    Come children, put away your toys;

    Roll up that kite’s long line;

    The day is done for girls and boys

    Look, it is almost nine

    Come, weary foot, and sleepy head,

    Get up and come along to bed.

    The children, loath, must yet obey;

    Up the long stair they creep;

    Lie down, and something sing or say

    Until they fall asleep,

    To steal through caverns of the night

    Into the morning’s golden light. 

    We, elder ones, sit up more late,

    And tasks unfinished ply, 

    But, gently busy, watch and wait

    Dear sister, you and I,

    To hear the Father, with soft tread,

    Coming to carry us to bed. 

  9. “Lullaby, O Lullaby”
  10. By William Cox Bennett

    Lullaby! O Lullaby!

    Baby, hush that little cry!

    Light is dying,

    Bats are flying,

    Bees to day with work have done;

    So, till comes the morrow’s sun,

    Let sleep kiss those bright eyes dry!

    Lullaby! O Lullaby!

    Lullaby! O Lullaby!

    Hushed are all things far and nigh;

    Flowers are closing,

    Birds reposing,

    All sweet things with life are done.

    Sweet, till dawns the morning sun,

    Sleep, then kiss those blue eyes dry.

    Lullaby! O Lullaby!

  11. Sleep, My Treasure
  12. By E. Nesbit

    Sleep, sleep, my treasure

    The long day’s pleasure 

    Has tired the birds,

    To their nests they creep;

    The garden still

    Is alight with lilies,

    But all the daisies

    Are fast asleep.

    Sleep, sleep my darling, 

    Dawn wakes the starling,

    The sparrows stirs

    When he sees daybreak;

    But all the meadow

    Is wrapped in shadow,

    And you must sleep

    Till the daisies wake!

  13. A Charm To Call Sleep
  14. By Henry Johnstone

    Sleep, Sleep, come to me, Sleep,

    Come to my blankets and come to my bed,

    Come to my legs and my arms and my head,

    Over me, under me, into me creep.

    Sleep, Sleep, come to me, Sleep,

    Blow on my face like a soft breath of air,

    Lay your cool hand on my forehead and hair,

    Carry me down through the dream-waters deep.

    Sleep, Sleep, come to me, Sleep,

    Tell me the secrets that you alone know,

    Show me the wonders none other can show,

    Open the box where your treasures you keep.

    Sleep, Sleep, come to me, Sleep:

    Softly I call you; as soft and as slow

    Come to me, cuddle me, stay with me so,

    Stay till the dawn is beginning to peep.

  15. The Sandman
  16. By Evaleen Stein

    The Sandman! hark, I hear him!

    He’s coming up the stair,

    And everybody near him

    Is nodding, I declare!

    He’s peeping in the door now,

    And first of all he spies,

    As he has done before now,

    The little children’s eyes!

    Then quickly does he throw it,

    His golden sleepy-sand,

    And all, before they know it,

    Are off for sleepy-land!

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Frequently Asked Questions On Bedtime Poems For Kids

What are bedtime poems for kids?

Bedtime poems for kids are the expression of thoughts and feelings that you can impart to the children so that they can relax their mind and develop good thinking while they are about to sleep. Some of the well known poems related to bedtime are Minnie And Winnie, Let’s All Go To The Moon, Goodnight, Bedtime, Lullaby! O Lullaby!, Sleep, My Treasure, etc.

What are the benefits of bedtime poems for kids?

The benefits of bedtime poems for kids are that it helps children learn new vocabulary words, develops language skills and boosts positive and creative thinking.