10 Autumn Poems for Kids: List of Beautiful Autumn Poems

Poems are a wonderful way to introduce children to reading. Additionally, poetry is also great to teach them about expressing their feelings, capturing the imagination and creativity. In addition to these, it also helps them learn about sentence structure, word recognition, rhyming words etc. Fall is here and the beautiful scenery of autumn is best appreciated in the form of poetry. So, introduce your child to autumn poems for kids. Reading or writing poems for kids is an excellent way to enhance their vocabulary and language skills.

Autumn is filled with falling leaves, apples, pumpkin pies and anticipation for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Help your child to appreciate the season more with some fun autumn poems for kids. Encourage them to learn about the season in the form of poems. This habit of reading or writing poems will improve their spelling skills in an effective way. Learning vocabulary words for kids is the best way to develop their communication skills.

Autumn Poems For Kids: Explore Best Autumn Poems in English

Even if your child is a reluctant reader, these 10 wonderful autumn poems for kids are sure to make them fall in love with reading. 

List of Fall And Autumn Poems for Kids

Below are a few beautiful autumn poems for kids.

  1. Five Little Pumpkins
  2. By Dan Yaccarino

    Five Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate,

    The First one said “Oh my it’s getting late!”

    The second one said “There’s a chill in the air.”

    The Third one said “But we

    don’t care!”

    The Fourth one said “let’s

    Run and Run and Run.”

    The Fifth one said “I’m ready for some fun.”

    Oooooooo went the wind.

    and Out went the lights!

    And the five little pumpkins

    rolled out of sight!

  3. A Fall Song
  4. By Ellen Robena Field

    Golden and red trees

    Nod to the soft breeze,

    As it whispers, “Winter is near;”

    And the brown nuts fall

    At the wind’s loud call,

    For this is the Fall of the year.

    Good-by, sweet flowers!

    Through bright Summer hours

    You have filled our hearts with cheer

    We shall miss you so,

    And yet you must go,

    For this is the Fall of the year.

    Now the days grow cold,

    As the year grows old,

    And the meadows are brown and sere;

    Brave robin redbreast

    Has gone from his nest,

    For this is the Fall of the year.

    I do softly pray

    At the close of day,

    That the little children, so dear,

    May as purely grow

    As the fleecy snow

    That follows the Fall of the year.

  5. October
  6. By Helen Hunt Jackson

    Bending above the spicy woods which blaze,

    Arch skies so blue they flash, and hold the sun

    Immeasurably far; the waters run

    Too slow, so freighted are the river-ways

    With gold of elms and birches from the maze

    Of forests. Chestnuts, clicking one by one,

    Escape from satin burs; her fringes done,

    The gentian spreads them out in sunny days,

    And, like late revelers at dawn, the chance

    Of one sweet, mad, last hour, all things assail,

    And conquering, flush and spin; while, to enhance

    The spell, by sunset door, wrapped in a veil

    Of red and purple mists, the summer, pale,

    Steals back alone for one more song and dance.

  7. Autumn
  8. By Alexander Posey

    In the dreamy silence

    Of the afternoon, a

    Cloth of gold is woven

    Over wood and prairie;

    And the jaybird, newly

    Fallen from the heaven,

    Scatters cordial greetings,

    And the air is filled with

    Scarlet leaves, that, dropping,

    Rise again, as ever,

    With a useless sigh for

    Rest – and it is Autumn.

  9. Four Seasons
  10. By Cecil Frances Alexander

    The fields are rich with daffodils,

    A coat of clover cloaks the hills,

    And I must dance, and I must sing

    To see the beauty of the spring.

    The earth is warm, the sun’s ablaze,

    It is a time of carefree days;

    And bees abuzz that chance to pass

    May see me snoozing in the grass.

    The leaves are yellow, red, and brown,

    A shower sprinkles softly down;

    The air is fragrant, crisp, and cool,

    And once again I’m stuck in school.

    The birds are gone, the world is white,

    The winds are wild, they chill and bite;

    The ground is thick with slush and sleet,

    And I can barely feel my feet.

    The last is done, the next is here,

    The same as it is every year;

    Spring — then sunshine ‘ autumn ‘ snow,

    That is how each year must go.

  11. Nothing Gold Can Stay
  12. By Robert Frost

    Nature’s first green is gold,

    Her hardest hue to hold,

    Her early leaf’s a flower;

    But only so an hour.

    Then leaf subsides to leaf.

    So Eden sank to grief,

    So dawn goes down to day.

    Nothing gold can stay.

  13. Autumn, Queen of Year
  14. By Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr.

    When the pumpkins are so yellow

    And the vines with grapes abound,

    When the melons are so mellow

    And the nuts fall to the ground;

    When persimmons lose their bitters,

    And the apples are so red;

    When we love to eat corn fritters

    Since the roasting ears have fled;

    When vacation days are over

    And the children go to school,

    They no longer play in clover,

    But much learn “Arithmos-rule,”

    When weird Hallowe’en’s most naughty elves

    With gnomes and sprites appear,

    While fat Thanksgiving fills the shelves –


  15. A Little Red Apple
  16. By Marguerite Gode

    A little red apple

    Hung high in a tree.

    I looked  up at it

    And it looked down at me.

    “Come down, please,” I  called.

    And what do you suppose?

    That little red apple

    Dropped right on my nose!

  17. Five Little Acorns
  18. By Debby Hill

    Five little acorns, lying on the ground,

    The first one said “oh my

    I’m getting round.”

    The second one said “I think I’m fat,”

    the third one said “I have a nice hat,”

    The fourth one said “There’s a squirrel over there.

    The fifth one said “well I don’t care.”

    Down came the squirrel and

    swept them all away, up to his nest for a cold winter day.

  19. Dingle Dangle Pumpkin
  20. By Unknown

    When all the cows were sleeping

    And the sun had gone to bed,

    Up jumped the pumpkin,

    And this is what he said:

    I’m a dingle dangle pumpkin

    With a flippy floppy hat.

    I can shake my stem like this,

    And shake my vine like that.

    When all the hens were roosting

    And the moon behind a cloud,

    Up jumped the pumpkin

    And shouted very loud:

    I’m a dingle dangle pumpkin

    With a flippy floppy hat.

    I can shake my stem like this,

    And shake my vine like that.

    Benefits of Learning Autumn Poems for Kids

    The benefits of learning autumn poems for kids are mentioned below.

    • It helps children retain the information about concepts they are learning through poetry.
    • It enables children to recite poems again and again so that they develop deeper understanding of the language.
    • It helps children focus and concentrate on things they are learning through poems.
    • It strengthens brain development in children.
    • It teaches children to express and share their views and thoughts through poems.

    We hope you and your child enjoyed these autumn poems for kids. Check Osmo for more poems, activities, games and worksheets to aid in your kids learning.

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