Animal Classification Worksheets

How would your children classify animals they see around them? Kids are very close to animals and like to watch and play with them. But, they might not know how to classify animals into different groups. In elementary school, children are taught to classify the animals based on characteristics such as the appearance of animals, their habitats and other factors that make them different from other animals. To make it easier for kids to understand, you can download animal classification worksheets. These science worksheets for kids helps them to classify animals effectively. 

The idea of practicing animal classification worksheets for kids is that it provides scientific knowledge about animals for better learning outcomes. Also, they learn to classify animals based on different criteria creatively. These worksheets for kids give the flexibility to learn and practice the concept of animal classification easily. They can learn on their own and time they feel comfortable with. Kids can learn to classify animals under the categories of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects, etc. They can learn to understand the features of animals belonging to different groups easily by practicing these worksheets. 

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Free Printable Animal Classification Worksheets

Little ones are very fond of their furry friends. More or less, they are fascinated by animals and like to learn about them. Besides this, they visit a zoo or a sanctuary to see animals. To keep your children active and entertained in learning about animal classification, you can download free printable animal classification worksheets for kids. With the help of these worksheets, they can learn to identify and understand the factors that contribute to classifying animals into different groups. Some printable animal classification worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

Circle the insects in the given worksheet

Help your children learn the difference between the insects illustrated on the worksheet given below. 

Animal Classification Worksheets

Classify the animals illustrated on the worksheet

Kids need to carefully observe the images illustrated on the worksheet and classify them based on their family. This helps children distinguish between the animals effectively. 

Animal Classification Worksheets

Match the images with their groups on the worksheet

Check out the matching animal worksheet for kids given below. In this worksheet, kids must match the illustrated images of the animals with their classification on the worksheet. 

Animal Classification Worksheets

Free Download Animal Classification Worksheets

Types of Animal Classification Worksheets for Kids

Sometimes, monotonous activities can bore children in learning. It is essential to bring a fun element to their learning process in such cases. With the help of worksheets, children can learn to color, match, write, identify, label the classification of animals effectively. The different types of animal classification worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

  • Label the images: In this worksheet, kids can learn to write spellings of the groups’ names that animals belong to, for example, fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, etc. With these worksheets, they develop spelling skills. Explore spelling activities for kids
  • Circle the images: In this worksheet, you need to ask kids to circle the images of given groups of animals, for example, fish, insects or amphibians. This worksheet helps them recognize and identify the animals in their respective groups. 
  • Describe the groups: In this worksheet, kids need to write a few sentences about the groups that animals belong to. For example, mammals have lungs to breathe and are warm-blooded animals. Also, you can briefly describe different groups of animals. This worksheet helps them learn about animal classification and improve their writing skills. You can also use these worksheets as one of the tools in writing games for kids
  • Color the images: In this worksheet, you can ask children to color the illustrated images. They can color and learn about animal classification effectively. Coloring is one of the best ways to enhance children’s fine motor skills and improves their knowledge of various topics. Explore animal coloring pages for kids to get a brief idea of how to color their favorite animals. 

Classification of Animals 

All the animals have characteristics that make them unique from other animals; for example, some animals feed on other living things to obtain energy. The animals are classified into groups based on their unique characteristics. Each animal is classified into different groups, such as mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, amphibians, fish, etc. The different types of animal classification are mentioned below:


  • Produce offspring.
  • Produce milk for their offspring.
  • Have hair on their body.
  • Endothermic animals.
  • Have lungs as respiratory organs.
  • They are warm-blooded animals. 
  • Examples are whales, humans, elephants, etc.


  • Lay eggs.
  • The body is covered with scales.
  • Ectothermic animals.
  • Have legs with clawed toes.
  • Have lungs as respiratory organs. 
  • They are cold-blooded animals.
  • Examples are crocodiles, snakes, lizards, etc.


  • Have wings for flying.
  • The body is covered with feathers. 
  • Have a beak.
  • They are warm-blooded animals.
  • Lay eggs to reproduce.
  • Have two legs. 
  • Have hollow bones. 
  • Examples are parrots, falcons, hummingbirds, etc. 


  • Breathe with gills, lungs or skin.
  • They are cold-blooded animals.
  • Have skin without covering. 
  • Examples are frogs, salamanders, toads, etc. 


  • Have wings for flying. 
  • They are smaller creatures.
  • Have an antenna for communication. 
  • The body is divided into the head, thorax and abdomen. 
  • Examples are ants, butterflies, beetles, etc.


  • Have gills to breathe.
  • The body is covered with scales or shells. 
  • Have fins.
  • They are cold-blooded animals. 
  • Live underwater. 
  • Examples are salmon, hagfish, sharks, etc.

Benefits of Animal Classification Worksheets for Kids

The importance of using animal classification worksheets for kids are mentioned below:

  • It helps children to identify and classify animals based on their characteristics. 
  • It enables children to study about animals and their features effectively with the help of worksheets. 
  • It improves the academic performance of children and helps them secure good marks on the topics related to animal classification. 
  • It enables children to develop an interest in learning new concepts creatively.
  • It boosts the confidence of children to learn animal classification.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Animal Classification Worksheets

What are animal classification worksheets?

Animal classification worksheets for kids are a great tool to identify and classify animals based on their unique characteristics, such as physical features, physiology, habitat, etc. They can learn to classify animals into different categories or groups they belong to with these worksheets.

What are the benefits of animal classification worksheets?

The benefits of animal classification worksheets are that it helps children learn about types of animals classified into different groups. Most importantly, they gain knowledge about animal classification effectively with the help of worksheets.