Acrostic Poems For Kids

Introduce Your Kids To A New Form Of Poetry With These Amazing Acrostic Poems 

Does your little one love poems for kids? Then you must teach them some acrostic poems for kids. Acrostic poems are poems where the first letters of each stanza spell out a word, when read vertically. While it’s mostly the first letter of the first word in the stanza, not all acrostic poems follow the same pattern. Some acrostic poems can have these letters placed elsewhere in the lines too. In such cases, the word it forms seems like a secret, hidden code in the poem. 

While it might seem too complicated a concept for little kids to grasp, it’s actually quite easy and fun too. And acrostic poems can be about anything, the letters can spell the name of an animal, thing, holiday or even a person’s name! So, we’ve compiled a list of simple and kid-friendly acrostic poems for kids. 

12 Simple Acrostic Poems For Kids

Here are some simple acrostic poems for kids.

  1. Santa
  2. By Kaitlyn Guenther

    Santa Claus will come out tonight

    And deliver presents.

    Near the

    Time of midnight you can hear him

    And what you will hear are the words, “Ho Ho Ho”

  3. Friends
  4. By John P. Read

    Friends are precious gifts

    Rare and hard to find

    Invisible when life is good

    Ever near when your sun doesn’t shine

    Nothing is ever too much

    Distance never too far

    Standing by your side when your dreams have passed you by.

  5. Funny Poems 
  6. By Luke J. Fine

    Fun to read

    Utterly enjoyable

    Never boring

    Never underwhelming

    Yes, poetry is funny

  7. Spring
  8. By Kaitlyn Guenther

    So many flowers are blooming.

    Petite little squirrels come out to play.

    Really big bears awake from their slumbers.

    Imaginative children enjoy a walk with their friends.

    No tree is left standing without any leaves.  So

    Go ahead, jump for joy because spring is here.

  9. Storm
  10. By Valsa George

    Strong and swift the wind blows

    Twirling and twisting delicate blooms

    Orchards strewn with fruits- ripe n’ raw

    Rain and thunder snarl and growl

    Making the sea suddenly shriek and howl

  11. Stars
  12. By Theodora (Theo) Onken

    Shining in the sky

    Twinkling bright in my eye

    Always glowing like a Firefly.

    Radiating splendor from high

    Shining sparkles never die.

  13. Monsters
  14. By Unknown

    Many different creatures walk around

    On a night like tonight

    Not because it’s Christmas

    So let’s all stop singing jingle bells

    T’is because it is Halloween so

    Everyone beware

    Real monsters walk around

    Saying trick or treat everywhere

  15. Lockdown
  16. By Shrian Govender

    Lonely days without my school friends

    Online chats and school assessments

    Coronavirus is deadly and dangerous

    Doctors are busy saving lives

    Outside the comfort of their homes

    Wondering when this will all end

    Normal days are what I wait for

  17. Star
  18. By Kaitlyn Guenther

    Stars shine brightly


    And carolers come out to sing O’ holy night.The

    Ringing of bells spreads cheer all around.

  19. Summer
  20. By Mr. R

    Summer’s the season when sun is the strongest,

    Under blue skies, the days are the longest,

    My friends and I, like to swim when it sizzles,

    My friends and I, like the cool, rainy drizzles,

    Each summer, each June, I really can’t wait,

    Returning to school in September is great!

  21. Christmas
  22. By Unknown

    Carol singing in the frosty air,

    Holly wreaths hung everywhere.

    Reindeer galloping across the sky,

    It’s icy cold, but still they fly to fill the .

    Stockings hung on the ends of beds, and 

    Trees decorated in golds and reds.

    Mince pies ready, delicious and hot, to celebrate the birth of

    A baby in a manger cot.

    So, go ahead and enjoy Christmas Day!

  23. Ice Cream
  24. By Dawn M. Paul

    In the evening,

    Craving a sweet treat I am…

    Enticed into the kitchen.

    Cold awaits me in the dark.

    Removing a tub from the frigid,

    Entreating my daughter to help

    As I blend chocolate and vanilla.

    Milky goodness makes our shakes.

We hope you and your child enjoyed these acrostic poems for kids. For more poems, activities, games and other learning material for kids, check Osmo’s kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions On Acrostics Poems

What are acrostic poems?

Acrostic poems are poems in which the letters of a word in each stanza is arranged in such a way that it forms a word, when read vertically. Usually, the first letter of the first word in every stanza is arranged so that it forms a word. But it’s not a cardinal rule so the letters can be placed anywhere in the stanza, to be decoded by the reader like a hidden message or secret code.

What is the purpose of an acrostic poem?

Acrostics can be about anything, it can be the name of a person, place, thing, holiday or action. But all the stanzas in the poem should be related or describe the topic. When you write an acrostic poem, you show what you know or what you have studied about the topic.

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