Real Tangram pieces, full digital experience

Get the best of both worlds when you use tangible Tangram tiles to solve the puzzle on your screen. Spatial play can be educational and entertaining with Osmo’s interactive puzzle games for kids.

Ages 6–12 iPadFire

Tangram demonstration

A timeless game remastered

The game Tangram has been around for almost a thousand years, but Osmo reinvents this classic using a fully interactive video experience. With visual and audio feedback, multiple levels of difficulty, achievements and more.

tangram remastered

Spatial thinking can be fun

Tangram is not only fun, but it’s good for the brain too. Playing Tangram is a great way to exercise spatial and visual problem-solving skills. Start thinking with shapes!

Over 500 puzzles to play

The game features over 500 different puzzles of different shapes and forms. Animals, numbers, humans and more — there’s so much to create. Complete puzzles to unlock new challenges.

tangram puzzles