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Meet Osmo

Osmo enables the iPad and iPhone to merge the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real-time feedback. Playing beyond the screen invites students to collaborate on tables or floors while manipulating tangible game pieces such as number tiles, letter tiles, and coding blocks.

For grades K-6

Osmo’s growing collection of apps for iPad and iPhone cross subject areas and include various challenge levels for students of differing abilities.

Words demonstration
words at school

Credit: @MMSylvestri


Words presents a series of picture clues related to hidden words that students toss down real-life letters to spell either in individual, collaborative, or competitive modes.

  • Reading - Encourages students to decode the sounds of the words in order to choose the correct word tiles.

  • Vocabulary - Connects images to words and supports customized albums for any word-image combinations.

Coding Awbie demonstration
coding at school

Credit: @cf_coaches


Coding Awbie uses blocks as coding commands to guide a playful character through a strawberry-munching adventure.

  • Computational Thinking - Teaches programming through exploring the functions of decomposed parts, detecting patterns, and crafting algorithms.

  • Logical Reasoning - Integrates the “loop” block that reflects multiplicative thinking and the “if this, then…” block that highlights cause-and-effect.

Numbers demonstration
numbers at school

Credit: @000Dave


Numbers features an underwater world for students to dive into math and collect fish as they pop numeric bubbles.

  • Number Sense - Fosters understanding of counting, relative values, addition, concatenation, and multiplication using physical tiles of dots and digits.

  • Cognitive Flexibility - Encourages experimenting with multiple solutions to mathematical problems through open-ended play.

Pizza Co. demonstration
pizza-co at school

Credit: @FosterLibrary

Pizza Co.

Pizza Co. turns students into entrepreneurs as they bake pizzas to fulfill customer requests, calculate change, and invest their profits to upgrade their shop.

  • Math - Highlights comparisons of number values and fractions.

  • Nonverbal Communication - Leverages facial expressions as feedback from customers to communicate whether the pizza toppings matched their requests and if the change is correct.

Tangram demonstration
tangram at school

Credit: @LionsLibrary


Tangram challenges students to use tangible puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes with their handiwork lighting up with each victory.

  • Spatial Reasoning - Encourages students to compare, manipulate, and transform geometric pieces to put them together to form shapes.

  • Self-Correction - Provides instant visual and auditory feedback during gameplay.

Newton demonstration
newton at school

Credit: @TeamMarshall2nd


Newton encourages students to use their imagination to guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones with a hand-drawn basket, their hands, or everyday items around them.

  • STEM - Integrates the rules of physics and gravity in the motion of falling balls.

  • Creativity - Fosters inventive ideas through the limitless-ways-to-win puzzles and the inclusion of add-on challenges including accelerating platforms and fans.

Masterpiece demonstration
masterpiece at school

Credit: @CartersBees


Masterpiece transforms pictures—be it a friend, cursive words, or anything online—into simple outlines so that students can supercharge their drawing skills and practice handwriting.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination - Requires tracking live screen footage of hand movements to coordinate with the art being drawn.

  • Self-Expression - Develops individuality through choices in art creations.

Monster demonstration
monster at school

Credit: @MrD203


Monster brings drawings to life as Mo, a furry orange friend, interacts with student drawings as they all go on an adventure.

  • English as a Second Language - Cements understanding of new vocabulary by asking students to draw the requested objects and having them listen as their drawings are discussed.

  • Listening Skills - Pulls students into a story in which Mo asks them to contribute specific drawings.

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