This is one toy I wish I had growing up!
He’s the kind of creature you’d see in a Pixar film or on “Sesame Street”
The Wall Street Journal
It’s cinematic.

Bring your drawings to life

We’re all creative. With Osmo Monster, your drawings become part of magical animated activities.

Meet Mo!

Mo loves magic, dancing, and creating together. He needs your help and creativity for his next idea.

Draw a wand, unleash the magic.

Draw a magic wand for Mo, and he’ll use it to bring your other creations into his world.

Multiple Activities, Endless Creativity

Each activity with Mo has many different versions to play again and again.

Activity 1

The Magic Show

Activity 2


Activity 2


Activity 3

Mo’s House

Share the magic

Each activity you complete with Mo can be saved as a video to replay for family and friends! Watch your favorite creations again and again.

Play Monster with the Creative Set

Specially designed for games like Monster, the Osmo Creative Set combines the magic of creativity with the power of technology.

Creative Board

Specially designed for Osmo’s vision technology and made with high-quality durable materials.

Yoobi Erasable Markers & Fuzzy Pouch

Vibrant colors are easily wiped off the Creative Board or washed out of clothes.

Discover the Creative Set

Order your Osmo

To play Monster, you need the Osmo Base (game system) and the Creative Set.

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