…let their new app, Masterpiece, turn you into an artiste.


Osmo Masterpiece could turn any kid into an iPad artist.


…helps even the most art-challenged feel like a regular Raphael.


Supercharge your drawing skills

Turn your iPad or Amazon Fire tablet into an amazing, interactive drawing tool. With Masterpiece, no matter what you draw, you’ll always get the proportions and perspective exactly right. So anything you can dream, you can draw.

Endless inspiration, built right in

Ages 6–12iPadFire

Pick something to draw: a picture of a friend, a favorite cartoon, or even a photo you snap yourself. Or browse through our collection of ready-to-draw options. The possibilities are infinite.\n\n

masterpiece ipad masterpiece gallery masterpiece search masterpiece camera

Masterpiece makes anything easy to draw

Whatever image you pick, Masterpiece can transform it into an easy-to-follow outline. Then, using the screen as an interactive guide, you can draw it on paper perfectly.

masterpiece ipad masterpiece unicorn outline masterpiece unicorn photo

Practice skills while having fun

Kids love to draw but now, with the rise of smartphones and iPads, they spend less time than ever using a pencil. Masterpiece combines cool technology with drawing, so kids have fun while improving their skill and dexterity.

Share with your friends and family

When your drawing is done, you can share a time-lapse video of its creation with anyone you want. The results will amaze everyone — even you.

Osmo Creative Set:

A Great Way to Play Masterpiece

Practice drawing with the Creative Set. Switch to paper when it’s time to make a masterpiece!

Creative Board

Specially designed for Osmo’s vision technology. Made with high-quality durable materials.

Dry-erase Markers and Fuzzy Storage Pouch

Vibrant colors easily wash out of clothes.

Discover the Creative Set