…for young children, one of the best is Osmo Coding

The Wall Street Journal

A brilliant duo

In Coding Duo, strawberry-loving Awbie and friendly monster Mo work together to overcome brain-stretching challenges. Discover all the different ways that Awbie and Mo can work together.

Synchronized coding

Take your coding blocks on a whole new adventure! Advanced coding puzzles, cooperative game play, and a compelling quest make Coding Duo an awesome challenge for Osmo kids 7 and up.

A rescue-mission adventure

Awbie and Mo team up to help a scientist find his lost pets. Their adventure takes them across an expansive world, filled with extraordinary objects and challenges.

Collaborative coding

Kids can play Coding Duo solo, or they can team up to play side by side. When one player codes for Awbie and the other codes for Mo, collaboration and strategy pave the way to success!

Use blocks from Awbie and Jam

Coding Duo is part of the Osmo Coding Family, and requires blocks from Coding Awbie and Coding Jam to play. It is our most advanced coding game so far, and will challenge and delight even our most avid coding fans.