A universal programming language

We’re proud to offer the world’s first tangible coding system. Osmo coding blocks let kids experiment and explore coding solutions in a fun and hands-on way.

Simple & intuitive design

Our coding blocks are designed specifically for children. We make them easy to manipulate, so anyone can use them on the very first try.

Magnets make assembly a snap

Easily add, swap and remove blocks from your coding sequence. Embedded magnets make the blocks come together with a satisfying snap.

Durable, high-quality materials

Our blocks are made from sturdy plastic to withstand the way kids play. And if a block should get lost, we’ll replace it for free.

Have a block party!

Coding Jam and Coding Awbie each come with their own unique assortment of blocks. Of course, the more blocks you have, the more you can do! To experience either game’s amazing programming potential, you’ll need its complete set of coding blocks.