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Osmo’s groundbreaking system fosters social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the iPad to the endless possibilities of physical play.

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time invention award

Osmo Game System

Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays.



Simply snaps over your iPad’s camera



Works with the latest iPads, including the iPad Mini and iPad 2



Crafted for kid durability

playing field

Playing Field

Turn any surface into an imaginative playing field

Family Fun.

Get silly with your siblings. Debate word definitions with friends. Compete with Dad (and make him sweat!). Osmo brings kids and families together in the real world – for real time laughs.

For everyone from age

6 to 96

Osmo Schools

Top educators from over 2000 schools nationwide, including the Bay Area’s best preparatory institutions, are raving about Osmo’s natural ability to foster creative, social, and emotional learning – and how much their students love it.

Designed With Care

Osmo was invented by young parents out of Stanford and Google. Engineers at heart, the founders are personally committed to innovating new technologies that nurture positive play experiences for kids.

designed with care

Osmo in the Media

Osmo is an add-on to the iPad that enables kids ages 6–12 to play with real toys in front of the device and then have the iPad incorporate these real world objects into the digital play.

It was easy to see how these games could make the iPad a more social activity – something that’s more like the modern-day equivalent to what was once the family board game night at home.

Here is Osmo’s greatest unsung asset. While there is certainly a strong market of children here, adults will also benefit from having the simple device in the house. It seems like the perfect after dinner party game.

Osmo, a combination of iPad accessories and software, is meant to break the zombie-like stares and bring more of the real world back into the mix, by providing games that interact with just about any physical object—pen, paper, blocks, even toys your kids already own.

This interplay between the physical and digital realms looks and feels like magic.

It’s the parental lament that just grows louder as kids spend more time glued to a screen: "Why can’t you play with real toys for a change?" Now the kids can, without having to give up the digital devices they’re so fond of, thanks to Tangible Play’s Osmo.

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