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Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night

Ages 6–10

Power up family game night with Osmo Genius Starter Kit+. Kids will love exploring STEAM topics on their own or with their family. Foster a love of engineering, art, math, and reading with seven ways to play and learn.

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Digital Learning In The Real World

Kids learn more when lessons are hands-on. That’s why every Osmo game includes physical action, whether it’s moving number tiles, arranging tangrams, or even drawing freehand! Now, double — or quadruple! — the learning fun while watching Osmo react to every real-life move your team makes.
Math Buzz


Tangram: Classic Feature Icon

A timeless game reinvented using a fully interactive video experience.

Tangram: Learning Feature Icon

Playing Tangram is a great way to exercise spatial and visual problem-solving skills. Start thinking with shapes!

Tangram: Puzzles Feature Icon

Arrange physical tangram pieces to match on-screen puzzles. Animals, spaceships, people and more — there’s so much to create!

Learning multiplies when kids work together!

Collaboration promotes the development of social-emotional, leadership and higher-level thinking skills and increases confidence and self-esteem.

Included With Your Kit

  • Osmo Base for iPad or Fire
  • Tangram pieces
  • Numbers Tiles
  • Words Tiles
  • Stackable storage

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