How to Draw an Emoji: A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Kids 

Does your little one love emojis? Then help them learn how to draw an emoji. Emojis are a fun addition to texts and messages. They help us convey our feelings and emotions to the receiver through digital communications. And not only digital communications, but you can also jazz up letters or greeting cards with a drawing of a cute emoji. So, here is a simple step-by-step guide that will help your child learn how to draw an emoji. Conduct fun drawing games for kids to develop an interest in learning new concepts.

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How to Draw an Emoji: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids

Activities that involve drawing for kids are a great way to enhance children’s artistic skills, imagination and creativity. The heart-eyed emoji is one of the easiest ones to draw. Learn how to draw an emoji with these easy to follow instructions.

What You’ll Need?

Here is a list of things you’ll need to learn how to draw an emoji:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Bowl for tracing
  • Ruler
  • Red, yellow and pink coloring pens

Stepwise Instructions on How to Draw an Emoji

The smiling heart-eyed emoji, which is also known as “heart-eyes” conveys the sender’s love for someone or something. Follow these simple steps to learn how to draw a heart-eyed emoji:

  1. Place the bowl on the paper and trace it around the bowl to draw a perfect circle. 
  2. Draw a thin vertical line from the top of the circle to the bottom of the circle. Then, draw a horizontal line that intersects the vertical line in the center of the circle. These are your guidelines to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the emoji.
  3. Now, draw a small curved line to make the left eyebrow on the top left corner inside the circle. Then draw the other eyebrow on the top right corner at the same height as the left eyebrow. Make sure both eyebrows are even and aligned.
  4. Now draw the mouth of the emoji. Draw an arc that curves upward just above the bottom of the circle. Draw two lines at each end of the curve. This represents the upper lip.
  5. Draw a slightly smaller and deeper arc just beneath the upper lip to make the bottom lip. Connect both ends of the arc to the arc representing the upper lip.
  6. Draw a tiny downward curve inside the mouth of the emoji to make it’s tongue. This should leave you with a happily grinning face.
  7. Now, draw a small heart under each eyebrow. Ensure that they’re the same size and are aligned with each other.
  8. Finally, add a blush to your emoji’s cheeks by drawing a tiny sideways oval under the hearts. Erase the thin intersecting lines before you color the emoji.
  9. Color the hearts using a red coloring pen and the tongue using a pink coloring pen. Also, color the ovals with a light pink coloring to show pink cheeks. Highlight the eyebrows and mouth using the black marker.
  10. Finally, color the emoji face yellow to complete your heart-eyed emoji drawing.

Other Ways to Draw an Emoji

Our phones and social media are full of different emojis. So, here is a step-by-step instruction to draw another emoji. These instructions will help you learn how to draw the winking face emoji.

  1. Trace a circle on a piece of paper using a bowl. Then, draw a thin vertical and horizontal line inside the circle. These lines serve as a guide.
  2. Draw two small concentric circles on the left top corner of the circle to make the left eye.
  3. Draw a small arc with a downward curve on the right top corner to show the wink. The arc should look like a tiny banana.
  4. Draw a slightly curved line below the eyes to make the upper lip.
  5. Then, draw a wide v-shape beneath the upper lip to make the bottom lip. Ensure the ends of the v shape connect to the ends of the upper lip.
  6. Starting just below the upper lip, draw a large U to show the tongue. Draw a small line on top from one end of the U to the other.
  7. From the middle of the line, draw a vertical line extending to the middle of the U to complete the tongue.
  8. Erase the outlines and highlight the emoji using the black marker. 
  9. Finally, color the emoji. Use a yellow coloring pen for the emoji’s face, black for its eyeballs and the winking eye and pink for the tongue.
  10. Your drawing of the winking emoji is complete.

Benefits of Learning Emoji Drawing for Kids

Here are some benefits of learning how to draw an emoji.

  • Improves children’s knowledge of different shapes like circles, curves, arcs etc.
  • It improves children’s drawing skills and also enhances their color recognition skills.
  • Drawing and coloring are therapeutic activities that help the children relax.
  • The activity also boosts their imagination and creativity.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Draw an Emoji

What is an emoji?

An emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion, or object in texts or digital communication.

How does learning to draw an emoji help kids?

Learning to draw emojis helps children learn about different shapes and improves the child’s artistic skills. It also enhances their color recognition skills, imagination and creativity.