How to Draw a Phone: A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Kids

Below you’ll find easy step-by-step instructions on how to draw a phone for kids. Conduct fun activities to practice drawing in an effective way. Also, learning household items drawing for kids will enable them to explore more things creatively.

Children of all age groups are familiar with electronic devices known as phones. Though toddlers and preschoolers know the purpose of a phone, they need help to draw them on paper. It is needless to say that phones are one of the essential devices used worldwide. It helps people connect and communicate with each other. Drawing phones can be one of the interesting themes for children as they encounter the device daily. Teach them how to draw a phone with the help of easy-to-follow instructions. Practicing drawing for kids is an excellent way to introduce new topics to them creatively. 

Phones are portable devices used for telecommunication purposes. You can make and receive calls using phones. Different types of phones are available in the market based on their features, designs, prices and many other factors. The primary purpose of the phone is to communicate with others through audio or video calls.

Little ones must learn about the different features of phones that will help them use the phone effectively under the supervision of elders. They can learn how to draw a phone to understand its basic parts. Provide them with easy step-by-step instructions so that they can replicate the same on paper effortlessly. Also, you can plan drawing activities for kids at home or in the classroom so that they can participate in the activity to explore their creative skills.

How to Draw a Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids

In today’s world, phones are available with high-end features that constantly improve with time. Unlike phones in the past, used only for calling or sending text messages, you can do face time with your loved ones, take pictures, browse the internet, send messages, download applications and many more things in phones available today. Kids can learn to draw the basic structure of a phone with an on/off button, frame, screen, volume buttons, camera and speaker. Teach them how to draw a phone to understand all these features by following the step-by-step instructions in this article.

What You’ll Need?

  • A drawing sheet
  • A pencil 
  • An eraser 
  • Color pencils or crayons 

Easy Stepwise Instructions on How to Draw a Phone

The step-by-step instructions on phone drawing for kids are mentioned below.

Step 1:

Draw a rectangular shape on a sheet of paper for the phone’s frame.

Step 2:

Draw a small rectangular structure inside the frame for the screen. 

Step 3:

Draw a tiny rectangle-shaped structure below the screen for the home button.

Step 4:

Draw a small circle on top of the screen for the camera, followed by an elongated rectangle-shaped structure for the speaker. 

Step 5:

Draw a pair of curved lines on the left side of the phone for the volume buttons, followed by a curved line on the right side for the on/off button. 

Step 6:

Draw a few square-shaped structures inside the phone’s screen for the applications. 

Step 7:

Finally, color the illustration of the phone by using appropriate color pencils or crayons. 

Download Free How to Draw a Phone PDF Here

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Tips for Learning Phone Drawing for Kids

Below are a few tips for learning how to draw a phone for kids. 

  • Encourage children to try something different in drawing to enhance their creative skills. 
  • Teach children the functions of each feature of the phone through drawing. 
  • Motivate children to practice drawing until they become proficient in the skill. 
  • Provide flexibility for children to practice drawing so that they can explore new things and learn from their mistakes while drawing. 

Benefits of Learning How to Draw a Phone 

The benefits of learning phone drawing for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It helps children interpret the objects/information they see. 
  • It teaches children to understand the drawing technique to get the perfect illustration they are looking for. 
  • It helps children learn the features of phones and their uses for communication purposes. 
  • It creates interest in children to learn new things about phones through drawing. 
  • It brings excitement to children while illustrating the phone on paper.

We hope this article on how to draw a phone helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Draw a Phone

How to draw a phone?

Teach kids how to draw a phone on a sheet of paper by following the step-by-step instructions mentioned in this article. They can learn to draw the basic features of the phone, such as the frame, screen, home button, camera, speaker and volume buttons, with the help of these easy-to-follow instructions. 

What are the benefits of learning how to draw a phone?

The benefits of learning phone drawing for kids are that it helps them upgrade their knowledge of the physical features and functions of phones through drawing. Besides this, kids will enhance their communication, cognitive and fine motor skills.