How to Draw a Camera

What are cameras? These optical devices can capture images or pictures of objects or people. It is needless to say that everyone loves clicking pictures to capture moments and memories forever. Kids, especially, are extremely interested in clicking pictures. They enjoy being in part of every frame of the picture. Sometimes, little ones might find it difficult to understand the parts of a camera and its uses. In such cases, you can help them learn how to draw a camera so that they can learn about cameras effectively. Learning drawing for kids is an excellent way to enhance children’s learning experience and gain knowledge of various concepts.

Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial of a Camera

Different types of cameras are available in the market, such as compact, DSLR, traditional, medium format cameras, etc. Do your children know the different parts of a camera? If not, you can teach them the parts of a camera with its functions through drawing. Learning how to draw a camera will help little ones become familiar with this optical device used worldwide. You can make it easier for kids to draw cameras by providing them with stepwise instructions. It consists of stepwise illustrations alongside detailed instructions to draw the perfect images of cameras on a sheet of paper. Also, you can provide coloring pages for kids to practice coloring alongside drawing for a better learning experience.

What You’ll Need?

  • A drawing sheet
  • An eraser
  • A pencil 
  • Color pencils or crayons

Easy Stepwise Instructions on How to Draw a Camera

The stepwise instructions on camera drawing for kids are mentioned below.

Step 1:

Draw a rectangle on a sheet of paper for the camera’s body.

Step 2:

Draw a big circle in the center of the camera’s body for the lens.

Step 3:

Draw another circle inside the big circle for the lens mount.

Step 4:

Draw a half rectangle on top of the camera’s body for the hot shoe.

Step 5:

Draw a half square-shaped structure on the left side of the camera’s body for the shutter release.

Step 6:

Draw another square-shaped structure with tiny vertical lines on the right side of the camera’s body for the shooting mode dial.

Step 7:

Draw an elongated rectangular structure in the hot shoe for the optical viewfinder.

Step 8:

Draw a small rectangular structure on the right side of the camera’s body adjacent to the lens for the electronic flash.

Step 9:

Draw a pair of horizontal lines on top and bottom of the camera’s body for the tripod socket, docking port, battery compartment, etc.

Step 10:

Finally, color the illustration of the camera using crayons or watercolor paints.

Free Printable Camera Drawing Tutorial for Kids

How well are your children familiar with cameras? Do they have any idea about its origin or purpose besides clicking pictures? If not, you can impart all this information to kids while they learn to draw the illustration of a camera on paper. Cameras capture images on light-sensitive surfaces. The flash in cameras is used for compensating lack of light, especially at night. It would be great if you could provide them with simple stepwise instructions on how to draw a camera for better understanding. Therefore, you can download printable step-by-step illustrations of camera drawing for kids given below. 

Free Download How to Draw a Camera PDF

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Benefits of Learning How to Draw a Camera

The benefits of learning camera drawing for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It enables children to acquire knowledge of cameras through drawing. 
  • It improves children’s concentration and motivates them to learn new things while drawing. 
  • It strengthens their hand and wrist muscles while illustrating cameras on a sheet of paper. 
  • It helps children learn different parts of cameras and how each part works to get perfect images. 
  • It enables children to express their ideas and thoughts effectively through drawing. 
  • It develops communication skills in children. 
  • It encourages children to think creatively and make the best decisions while illustrating cameras on paper. 

We hope this article on how to draw a camera helps children. You can check out other games, activities, and worksheets on kids learning, worksheets for kids, and holiday activities for kids section at Osmo.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Draw a Camera

How to draw a camera?

You can teach kids how to draw a camera on a sheet of paper by following the stepwise instructions mentioned in this article. Kids can learn to draw the lens, hot shoe, shutter release, shutting mode dial, electronic flash, etc., with the help of these easy-to-follow instructions.

What are the benefits of learning how to draw a camera?

The benefits of learning camera drawing for kids are that it helps them learn about the structure and function of a camera in creating beautiful memories through images. Besides this, kids will develop cognitive, fine motor and creativity skills.