Multiplication Coloring Worksheets

Multiplication Coloring Worksheets help kids learn multiplication in a fun yet straightforward way. The worksheets for kids like multiplication coloring worksheets combine a child favorite activity, coloring with practicing multiplication problems. This keeps the child engaged in the learning process and makes learning how to multiply an easy task.

At the age of five, kids learn up to 5 times table. By the time kids are six years old, they must have been taught all Multiplication Tables 1 – 10. Then, teachers can begin giving students tricky multiplications to finish, multiplying two digits by one digit (15 x 5 = 75). Try these fun coloring worksheets with multiplication problems to help your child learn to multiply numbers.

Free Printable Math Multiplication Coloring Worksheets

Here is a list of free printable coloring worksheets for kids with multiplication problems to practice multiplying numbers. These multiplication coloring worksheet are extremely easy for kids to practice math problems and learn coloring simultaneously. Allow kids to explore their creativity and develop mathematical skills to achieve their academic goals.

Flower Multiplication Coloring Worksheet

The best way to introduce kids to multiplication is through coloring worksheets. You can help them solve multiplication related problems through coloring. Provide an worksheet consisting of an image of a flower for kids to color. They need to multiply the given numbers and color the region where the correct answer is mentioned, for example, 2 x 8 = 16. Check out the flower multiplication coloring worksheet given below.

Multiply the number and use the code for coloring: Multiplication coloring worksheets

To color the flower in this worksheet, first solve the multiplication problem to find the answer and the color. For example, 5 x 5 = 25. So, color the parts of the flower with 25 using the color red.

Duckling Multiplication Coloring Worksheet

Help your children color the image of a duckling illustrated on the worksheet. Before that, kids need to multiply the given equation and use the color codes to color the image of a duckling accordingly, for example, 2 x 2 = 4. Kids must color the area where the answer for the multiplication problem is mentioned. Check out the duckling multiplication coloring worksheet given below.

Multiply the number and color the duck: Free printable multiplication coloring worksheet

Cupcake Multiplication Coloring Worksheet

Kids enjoy practicing multiplication problems through coloring activities. They learn to solve math problems and at the same develop coloring skills. Provide kids with simple multiplication problems on the coloring worksheet. It enable them to solve problem and come up with correct answer. Check out the cupcake multiplication coloring worksheet for kids given below.

Multiply the number: Free printable multiplication coloring worksheets

Best Ways to Teach Basic Multiplication Using Coloring Worksheets

Kids find multiplication fun when it is taught excitingly. However, parents and teachers must find a few interactive ways to teach them. 

Below given are the best ways to teach basic multiplication along with the multiplication coloring worksheets:

  • Teach them Early using Coloring Worksheets: Kids learn easily when they are taught, keeping in reference with the daily objects. Hence, make sure to teach them until they feel confident writing their times tables and can answer any question asked, such as 3 x 2.
  • Start with the simplest:Learning math multiplication coloring worksheets is not an easy task for kids. The usual mistake kids commit working their way into the numbers in sequence. However, it is pretty more straightforward than the simple numbers first. This assists build a kid’s self-confidence as they learn; moreover, it transitions from the lower digits to the higher digits pretty easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Coloring Worksheets

Does Multiplication Coloring Worksheets Help Kids Learn Multiplication?

Multiplication coloring worksheets certainly help children to learn the concept of multiplication in a fun and creative way. Kids would be engaged in coloring the numbers or the images given in the worksheet and meanwhile, they will learn multiplication too. Therefore, multiplication coloring worksheets help kids to learn multiplication effectively.

Can multiplication coloring worksheets be given to a 5 year old child?

Yes. Multiplication coloring worksheets can be given to a 5 year old child. Once the kids start identifying the numbers, you can give them these worksheets. When they start coloring, they begin to learn about colors, numbers and eventually improve their handwriting and most importantly learn multiplication.